What Are Fiber Optic Cables?

As the name indicates, fiber optic cables are the network cables that use the medium of light for transferring data over a long distance. Its internals is made of plastic or glass strands. These cables have become pretty much standard in the networking world. Also, you will find such cables being used widely in the telecommunication industry for various data transfer needs. What makes these cables unique is the medium that they rely on for transferring data. Light being a fast-medium ensures that these cables outperform the other network cables such as ethernet cables.

Types Of Fiber Optic Cables

Just Like any other telecommunication cable, the fiber optics cable also has its types. Mainly there are two types of fiber optic cables.

Single-Mode Fiber Optic Cables

Before diving any further into the different types of fiber optics cable, it’s necessary to understand how these enhanced cabling solutions deliver those high bandwidth speeds. As discussed earlier, fiber optic cables use the light-medium for transferring various forms of data. It’s the photons that carry the light signals throughout the cable.

These tiny light particles are known as photons, and they bounce with the cable’s ends throughout their journey. This phenomenon is known as total internal reflection. So, in short, we can conclude that it’s the total internal reflection phenomenon that is responsible for high-speed data transfer in fiber optic cables.

Now, coming to the different types of fiber optic cable, the first one is the single-mode. The name of this type says it all. Its enhanced speed makes it one reliable cabling option. In this type of cable, the light carries the data in a single beam.

It bounces inside the cable in a single beam resulting in minimum signal loss. Therefore, the single-mode fiber optic cable is used for long-distance data transmission needs. Also, this cable type promises high bandwidth speed. So, if you want a high performing fiber optic cable, get this one.

Multimode Fiber-optic Cables

The Multimode cable has some advantages over the single-mode one. But for the most part, it gets the job done just right. This type has a larger diameter that allows more than one light signal to pass through the whole cable. Now, multiple light signals crossing might seem like that this cable would deliver even better speeds.

But, in reality, the scenario is quite different. When more than one light pulse passes through the cable, the chances of signal loss increase. Therefore, the multimode fiber optic cable is best suitable for short distances.

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