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  • Grey Cat6a Plenum Pure Copper 1000ft UTP 750MHz 23 AWG Cable

    Grey Cat6a Plenum Pure Copper 1000ft UTP 750MHz 23 AWG Cable: Cat6a Plenum features 4 unshielded twisted pairs of 23 AWG pure copper conductors at its core. These conductors are protected by a thick ....Read More
    SKU: NYC-636
  • Black Cat6a Plenum Bare Copper Wooden Spool 1000ft

    Cat6a Plenum Bare Copper UTP 750 MHz The cat6a plenum bare copper cable is one new and improved Ethernet cable that has got all the features you need to form a high-quality local area network setup.....Read More
    SKU: NYC-638
  • White Cat6a Plenum Pure Copper 1000ft UTP 750MHz 23 AWG Cable

    Cat6a Plenum Cable 1000ft White: Cat6a Plenum cable is an augmented version of category 6. Our cat6a plenum pure copper features a 23 AWG wire with four unshielded twisted pairs and eight conductors ....Read More
    SKU: NYC-632
  • Green Cat6a Plenum 100% Copper UTP 1000ft 750MHz 23 AWG Cable

    Green Cat6a Plenum 1000FT Cable: Our Green Cat6a Plenum is a premium-quality category 6 augmented cable. With TIA/EIA verification and RoHS compliance, this cable comes with a frequency of 750MHz. Ou....Read More
    SKU: NYC-634
  • Red Cat6a Plenum Bare Copper UTP 1000ft 750MHz 23 AWG Cable

    Category 6a Plenum Solid Copper Cable 750 Mhz 23 AWG: Red Cat6a Plenum Rated Solid Copper Cable UTP 750 MHz 23 AWG is an augmented cable. It is best known for its high performance, high bandwidth cap....Read More
    SKU: NYC-637
  • Yellow Cat6a Plenum Pure Copper UTP 1000ft 750MHz 23 AWG Cable

    Why Yellow Cat6a Cables? This is an augmented yellow cat6a plenum cable. The frequency of this cable is 750MHz. This cable can support 10 Gigabit Ethernet at 100 meters. We make our cat6a plenum of 2....Read More
    SKU: NYC-633
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  • Blue Cat6a Plenum Solid Copper 750MHz UTP 1000ft 23AWG Cable

    Why Blue Cat6a Plenum 1000ft Cable? Our Cat6a cable has been tested with a Fluke DTX-1800 Versiv Cable Analyzer and is in compliance with ANSI/TIA standards. The frequency of this cable is 750MHz and....Read More
    SKU: NYC-631
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Why Cat6a Plenum Cable?

We manufacture bulk Cat6a plenum cable in observance of prevalent market norms and industry standards. Not only it meets the minimum base specifications of a Plenum Cat6a Cable, it even exceeds some of them. This cable is capacitated to give you high data transfer rates and high bandwidth capacity. It can support up to 650 MHz bandwidth frequencies.

This ETL Compliant, TIA/EIA verified and RoHs compliant cable carries solid copper conductor. It features 23 American Wire Gauge AWG, four unshielded twisted pairs, and eight solid copper conductors.

Premium Quality Data Transfer Through Plenum Cat6a Cable

Plenum Cat6a Cable allows premium quality data transfer rates of 10 GB for a maximum distance of 100 meters. We highly recommend our Bulk Cat6a Plenum for 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet, 1000BASE-T (IEEE802.3), 100VG-AnyLAN (IEEE802.12), 750 MHz Broadband Video Voice, T1, ISDN 155/ 622 Mbps ATM PoE (Power over Ethernet), and indoor voice, data, video, and security networking applications in general.

The twisted pair design incorporated in Cat6a Plenum Cable is a market standard that is useful in cutting down cross talks. Cross talk can damage the quality of your transmissions as a result of which the data integrity declines. It is a phenomenon of unwanted signals that occur between your transmissions.

They cause it by the electric fields of one telecommunication signal affecting a signal in a nearby cable. With our Cat6a Plenum 1000ft, you will not encounter this problem, for our cables have thicker sheathing and tighter twists in case of twisted pair design. We make this Cat6a plenum cable of tight twists and strong and thick sheathing because of which it gives you more prominent protection against Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) and Alien Crosstalk (AXT).

Cat6a plenum cable

This high oxygen means that plenum spaces can readily catch fire. These spaces are fire-sensitive, they can catch fire very easily and, in case of fire, the oxygen levels make fire progression rapid. Therefore, the cables installed in such spaces must RATE to installed in them so they can cater to fire-related hazards.

We carry Bulk Cat6a Plenum with the plenum-rated jacket in various colors. You can choose from the range of jacket colors according to your cabling needs. With different jacket colors, you can color-code your set-up and be efficient in how you manage and organize your cables. We sell the cable in bulk form; it is available in a 1000ft bulk with each successive foot marked conveniently on its outed jacket. You can buy Cat6a Plenum 1000ft with high quality.

Our Cat6a plenum cable is high quality and high-performance Ethernet cable with a special plenum-rated jacket. This jacket carries effective fire-retardant properties. Therefore, does not burn with notorious harmful-to-health fumes and it restricts fire propagation in an unfortunate event of a fire.

Cat6a Plenum Cable at NEW YORK CABLES

At New York Cables, we manufacture and sell the best quality Plenum Cat6a Cable. This sort of Cat6a cable comes with a special sort of jacket designed to cope up with fire hazards in plenum spaces. Plenum spaces can trick: air circulates and socializes around a building through these spaces because of which these spaces have high oxygen. Order Now Cat6a Plenum 1000ft Cable from Newyork Cables and get amazing discounts.

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