Our parent company, Hermez Communications Inc, had a creative and daring idea.

“To manufacture networking products of the highest quality standards, at the lowest possible cost”.

This new radical idea was realized when NewYork cables was established in 2007. Since then, in the US alone, we have had the honor of calling almost two million people, our satisfied customers.

Success story

NewYork cables was established to serve the purpose of providing cutting-edge networking products to both small and large-scale consumers and businesses. And we have been successful in doing so, for two reasons. First, because the problem we addressed was surprisingly never ever addressed before. And a solution for affordable premium quality networking products was urgently needed. And secondly, we love providing creative solutions that we offer and that has enabled us to be the best at doing our jobs, hence, even better services for our customers. In any case, we measure our success on the satisfaction of our customers.

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Our mission

We continue to innovate in the industry of networking products. The underlying idea of our inception, “To manufacture the highest quality networking products at the lowest possible cost”, will continue to propel us in the direction that our customers have been applauding.


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Our Legacy

Ever since our inception, we have been manufacturing all sorts of networking products, ranging from top-notch ethernet cables to fiber-optic cables of unrivaled quality and performance. Our renowned premium quality ethernet cables and accessories are endorsed by thousands of businesses and customers for exceeding the standards by over a 100%.  Apart from the unparalleled quality of our products, we are also leading the networking industry in innovation. Furthermore, we are the largest producer and supplier of networking equipment in the US. We are grateful to all of our customers for believing in our mission. They are the true inspiration behind all the endeavors we have had and the ones to come. What sets us apart from our competitors is the quality of our products. We test our products in real-life conditions to ensure compliance with the market standards as well as the NewYork cables standards. Of course, we have kept the bar on our standards far higher to exceed customer expectations.
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