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  1. Single Gang Steel Drywall Bracket Face Plate Mount Mud Ring Low Voltage
    As low as $6.75
  2. Single Port Standard Face Plate for Keystone Jacks Pack of 10
    As low as $7.55
  3. 2 Port Standard Face Plate for Keystone Jacks Pack of 10
    As low as $7.55
  4. Without Port Blank Standard Face Plate for Keystone Jacks Pack of 10
    As low as $7.55
  5. 3 Port Standard Face Plate for Keystone Jacks Pack of 10
    As low as $7.55
  6. 4 Port Standard Face Plate for Keystone Jacks Pack of 10
    As low as $7.55
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Buy Wall Plates/Faceplates, Blank Keystone Inserts, Drywall Brackets | NewYork Cables

Faceplates and Wallplates

Multiple Options to Choose From

  • Faceplates & Wall Plates for networking installations
  • Made from sturdy materials
  • Available in White Color
  • Durability Tested
  • Face Plates are available in multiple options
  • 4 Port Standard faceplate
  • 3 Port Standard faceplate
  • 2, 1, and zero port faceplate

Single Gang Steel Drywall Bracket

Blank Keystone Insert for Faceplates

  • Single gang steel mounting bracket for drywall
  • Supplied with all accessories
  • Durable and easy to patch
  • Conceal empty ports in your faceplates with the blank keystone insert
  • Durable and easy to install
  • Keep an aesthetic environment

Durable Materials

Modern Design

  • Our faceplates, wallplate covers, drywall brackets, and keystone inserts are made from the most durable materials
  • Ideal for office and home
  • Durability is thoroughly tested
  • Keep your networking environment clean and tidy
  • Our accessories including the face plates and keystone inserts feature a  modern design
  • Premium finish to top it off

Buy Faceplates, and Drywall Brackets – Durable and Long-lasting

If you want to buy face plates for your wired LAN network, look no further. At NewYork Cables, we make durable and aesthetically pleasing keystone wall plates/faceplates. We also make blank keystone inserts to conceal empty keystone jack ports on keystone wall plates. Moreover, our single gang stell drywall mounting brackets are the best for indoor wiring.

Faceplates – Available in multiple options

Our faceplates are available in various options to cater to all your needs. Available in zero, 1, 2, 3, and 4 ports, our faceplates are ideal for office and home environments. All of the face/wall plate covers are made from durable materials and feature modern designs. They come in white color which is ideal for a clean and tidy networking requirement.

Blank Keystone Insert for wall plate

If you decide to install a wall plate cover with more ports than you need, you can conceal the unwanted ports. Simply use our blank keystone insert and the port will be concealed. The blank keystone insert for keystone wall plates is available in packs of 10 pieces. Available at highly affordable prices, this accessory comes in handy in keeping a LAN network tidy.

Durable Materials – Tested

We have put all of our standard faceplates, drywall steel mounting brackets, and blank keystone inserts through rigorous testing to ensure extreme durability. The materials are of premium quality and ensure a long-lasting application.

Premium Finish

To give your LAN networking environment a premium look, we have made sure to give the faceplates and other accessories a premium finish. In white color, it looks refreshing and clean. Whether you want the keystone wall plate covers, faceplates, and blank keystone inserts for a home or an office network, they are ideal. Moreover, with affordable rates and fast shipping, you get the best deal. Place your order now or get in touch with us for more information.
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