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Wall & Face Plates :

Face Plates is used to connect computers to a local network. Our standard Face Plates is compatible with most of the brand name keystone jacks available in the market. You can use these cables with coaxial cables, twisted cables, and HDMI cables. Our faceplates are also compatible with various ethernet cables like Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a.

We manufacture these ethernet Face Plates with high-quality plastic. This faceplate has a standard design that can go pretty much with any keystone jack. There can be multiple ports on these plates. You can get according to your needs.

You can use these cables in your home connection, office network, or in commercial installations. Ethernet faceplate works with a junction box, mud ring, and a surface mount box. If you have any holes in your wall, this is a perfect solution for you. They help you organize and manage your cables effectively and give your walls a clean appearance.

Wall Plate covers provide you easy installations. There are a different number of ports on these faceplates. We have a stock of drywall brackets and keystone jacks of high quality at Newyork cables. Each of these faceplates comes with a mounting screw in its package. You can use this screw to install them. We have 2, 3, 4 port keystone jack faceplates, steel drywall bracket, and blank insert for the wall plate. You can order them from Newyork cables at a market competitive price.


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