3 Port Standard Face Plate for Keystone Jacks Pack of 10

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  • 3 Port Faceplate, Pack of 10
  • For Keystone Jacks
  • Dimensions: 4 × 4 × 6 in
  • Colors: White, Off White
  • Durable and Long Lasting Material

3 Port Keystone Jack Standard Face Plate:

We look up to the standards that satisfy our customers. For that, an essential ingredient is a quality, and therefore, it is quality that defines our cabling solutions. It is quality and market-competitive prices that have made our place in this industry in a very short amount of time. It is exactly that which has made us keen to manufacture high quality and high-performance cables and their accessories. Our 3 Port Standard Face Plate for Keystone Jacks are quality faceplates that are compatible with most of the brand name keystone jacks/inserts in the market today.

The faceplates are in fact designed to cater to standard keystone jacks/inserts from a wide variety of manufacturers. We highly recommend these faceplates for keystone jacks for coaxial cables, twisted pair cables, HDMI cables, and other such cables. These faceplates are compatible with all of our Cat5e, Cat6 cables and along with that, they can be effectively used with audio and video keystone jacks. Our 3 Port Standard Face Plate for Keystone Jacks are made of strong high impact ABS plastic. The standard design is perfectly compatible with keystone jacks widely available. For faceplates, there can be several numbers of ports that it can support. It depends on what you need. There are 3 ports on this faceplate.

3 Port Keystone Jack

Suitable and recommended for your office and home wiring, commercial wiring subsystems, and multi-purpose module installation, these faceplates are used in building structures to connect telecommunication cables to a junction box, mud ring, or a surface mount box. These faceplates are perfect to cover up holes in your walls. They help you organize and manage your wires and cables effectively and to give your walls a clean appearance. They essentially provide you flexible installations. You can use our 3 Port Standard Face Plate for Keystone Jacks to neatly snap-in any keystone jacks to get a customized set-up.

The size of each faceplate

Faceplates come with the different numbers of ports they support, and they can be of different sorts. We have readily available stocks of drywall brackets and keystone jack plates in standard design. These keystone jack faceplates are in standard design. We sell our faceplates for keystone at a market-competitive price, and they are available for immediate shipment.  As for the packs, you have the option to order just a single such bracket, a five-piece packet, and/or a ten-piece packet. Each of the faceplates comes with the mounting screws required to mount the faceplate on a wall. The size of each faceplate is 2 3/4″ x 4 1/2″.

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