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High Quality Patch Cables:

When you have multiple computers at home or in your office and you need to connect them all, that’s when the Ethernet patch cable comes into play. There are various patch cords available in the market for this purpose. We offer a wide range of patch cables that can tackle this problem.

There are various reasons to go for our network patch cables. This cable is TIA/EIA verified. We have this cable available in both plenum and riser jackets. Patch cords come in different categories. We offer these cables in both cat5 and cat6.

The networking patch cable is designed in such a way that it enhances your transmission and cut down the signal interferences. Its internet structure has 4 unshielded twisted pairs of high-quality wire. These pairs make it perfect for high-speed networks. Another benefit that comes with these is that they are backward compatible. You can use them with your old devices as well.

As this cable comes in both plenum and riser jackets so it perfects to be installed in both plenum and non-plenum places. Its thick shielding is highly effective against all sorts of cross-talks and electromagnetic interferences. These cables have amazing data transfer rates based on their category. Network patch cable comes in numerous sizes. We have this cable available from 10 inches to 45 feet. You can order these cables from NewYork Cables with free shipping.