1-feet Cat6 Solid Copper Patch Cable in Multi Colors Pack of 10

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  • Cat6 Patch Cable 
  • 10 GBit/s, 550 MHz
  • Conductors: Bare Copper, Copper-Clad Aluminum
  • UTP,  Riser Jacket
  • 4 Twisted Pairs, 24 AWG
  • Certified: FCC, CE, CSA, ISO/IES, RoHS
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Cat6 Solid Copper Patch Cable Pack of 10:

New York Cables delivers exceptional quality multi colors Cat6 solid copper patch 550 MHz Ethernet network cable with rock bottom price.  NYC want you to enjoy connectivity at your fingertips at New York Cables. We describe communication in aspects of value and affordability. We strive to create a fresh culture where we want to provide you with the best value cable alternative at the highest accessible cost possible. The cable is a category 6 cat6 blue cord or UTP patch cable. The outer coat has the correct density and durability. This cable’s physical metric allows it to fit in restricted rooms.

Besides the blue color of this specific patch cable, there are several other colors accessible, as for the outside coat. Therefore, by selecting the color of your choice from the spectrum, you can readily code you are setting the manner you need it to be. We also have several distinct sizes accessible to accommodate your various cable requirements.

To deeper comprehend the cable at present; you need to know what a cat6 blue and white UTP patch cord are effective. It’s a shorter variant of standard cat cable bulks of 1000 ft. Such cables are very efficient in a constrained area. Also known as a patch cord or a patch guide is a patch cable. We intend it for high-quality links between an integrated unit (e.g. a laptop) and patch boards and for message tracking buttons and patch panels.

Cat6 23AWG Multi Color Patch Color

Let’s talk gauge. What is the importance of cable gauge and how does it affect performance? To know the significance of gauge in the cable globe, we first need to know what’s going on inside them. Not what components we make them of, but what they actually carry through them. In the cable industry, we refer it to as the current flow (of electrons) that runs throughout the wire. Imagine a flow of water that runs through a pipe.  The wider the pipe is, the more water runs through it in a shorter time.

Data Transmission Speed/Bandwidth

This specific multi-color cat6 patch cable In blue has outstanding electrical features in which it not only fulfills but also reaches sector norms. We improve cat6 Solid Copper Conductor Patch cable In Blue Color UTP patch cables and can work with TIA / EIA norms that required elevated bandwidth for image, information, and speech apps. It is a uniform twisted pair cable compliant with Category 5/5e and Category 3 cable norms for Ethernet and other physical network layers. Cat 6 has stricter cross-talk and scheme noise requirements relative to Cat 5 and Cat 5e. The cable specification also establishes output up to 250 MHz as opposed to 100 MHz for Cat5 and Cat5e.

Whereas when used for 10GBASE-T, Category 6 cable has a decreased peak distance of 55 meters, Cat6 multi-color cable (or Augmented Cat6) is defined at 500 MHz and has enhanced extraneous crosstalk features, enabling 10GBASE-T to operate at the same peak range of 100 meters as earlier versions of Ethernet.

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Blue, Grey, Red

Cable Jacket:

UTP Riser




4 Twisted Pairs



Wire Gauge:


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1-feet Cat6 Solid Copper Patch Cable in Multi Colors Pack of 10