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Are you Looking for Crimp connectors?

If you are looking for high-quality connectors for your cables, then look no further. At New York Cables, we take pride in our cost-effective cabling solutions. We manufacture and sell not only high quality and high-performance cable bulks but also easy-to-use and convenient cable-related accessories. Cable connectors essentially come in handy when you need to cut out and end desired customizable lengths out of large cable bulks. Not every other cabling application requires enormous bulks of cable to install: there are many cabling needs that require the use of custom-made lengths of cables, and that is where you need to have the right connectors.

We carry two sorts of connectors: Cat5e & Cat6 Rj45 crimp connectors and Cat5e & Cat6 Rj45EZ crimp connectors. Our Cat5e & Cat6 Rj45 crimp connectors are incorporated with 8 gold plated pins whereas our Cat5e & Cat6 Rj45EZ crimp connectors comprise 6P 8P modular connectors. Both connectors are crimp price most reasonably, so you get the best value for your money. We sell them in a pack that contains 100 pieces.

Connectors at New York Cables

We manufacture our connectors in compliance with established market norms and industry standards. They are consistent with minimum requirements maintained by the Electronic Industries Alliance/Telecommunication Industries Association. The TIA/EIA verified and RoHS compliant connectors that we carry are used to end and connect category 5 enhanced (Cat5e) and category 6 (Cat6) cables. We recommend them for handling performance up to 350 Mbps. They are available for easy-to-grasp retention clips for enhanced ease. Our connectors are highly efficient against cross talks. Cross talk refers to undesired signal bleedings that distort the quality of your transmissions. It typically occurs when a signal from one cable confuses and overlaps with a signal from another cable that is running nearby. Besides that, it’s due to transferring electrical energy between the conductors. The high-quality connectors at New York Cables are recommended for keeping down cross talks to a minimum acceptable level as we maintain the twists till the point of termination.

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