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  • Cat6 Keystone Jacks Rj45 90-Degree UTP 110 Punch Down

    Available Colors:
    Cat6 Keystone Jacks Rj45 90-Degree UTP: Cat6 keystone jacks rj45 90-degree UTP punch down 110 is designed for easy installations and reliable connections. This category 6 jack is compatible with ethe....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N208/10
  • Yellow Cat6 Keystone Jacks 110 Punch Down

    Cat6 Keystone Jacks 110 Punch Down Yellow: We highly recommend our cat6 keystone jack to institute a stable connection in a wired network. When it comes to high performance, our cat6 RJ45 keystone ja....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N207/10
  • White Cat6 90 Degree Keystone Jacks

    White Cat6 90 Degree Keystone Jacks: White cat6 90-degree keystone jacks are of superb quality, which design specifically for easy installation. Reliability and durability come with cat6 punch down k....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N206/10
  • Cat6a Rj45 keystone Jack 90-Degree UTP Punch Down 110

    Available Colors:
    Cat6a Rj45 90-Degree Punch Down 110 UTP Keystone Jack: Our cat6a Rj45 keystone jack UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) 90-degree punch down 110 is highly recommended for a stable connection. Cat6a RJ45 ke....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N311/10
  • UTP Toolless Cat6 Rj45 180 Degree Vertical Keystone Jacks

    UTP Cat6 Rj45 Toolless 180 Degree Vertical Keystone Jacks: UTP cat6 RJ45 toolless 180 degrees vertical keystone jack is one of the most commonly used cable accessories in today’s market for network....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N277/10
  • Cat6a 180 Degree Rj45 UTP Toolless Vertical Keystone Jacks

    Cat6a 180 Degree Rj45 Toolless Vertical Keystone Jacks: We design Cat6a 180 Degree RJ45 toolless vertical keystone jack for high-density blank patch panels, but also compatible with all of our cable ....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N376/10
  • Cat6 Horizontal Keystone Jack UTP, Toolless, 180 Degree

    Cat6 Horizontal Keystone Jack UTP The Cat6 180 degree horizontal toolless keystone jack is specially designed to help you connect Cat6 cables in any faceplate or patch panel. It supports high bandwid....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N273/10
  • Cat6a Horizontal Keystone Jack UTP, Toolless 180 Degree

    Cat6a Horizontal Keystone UTP Jacks Keystone jacks are used to connect Ethernet cables of various types within a local area network. We use these keystone jacks in faceplates and unloaded patch panel....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N369/10
  • RJ45 Inline Keystone Jack Coupler Pack of

    RJ45 Inline Keystone Jack Coupler: Facing any issues while forming a local area network? How about using RJ45 Inline Keystone Jack Coupler for added convenience? An RJ45 inline keystone jack coupler ....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N213/5
  • Cat6 Keystone Jacks 90 Degree White

    Available Colors:
    Cat6 Keystone Jacks 90 Degree White White our Cat6 90-degree keystone jack, you are guaranteed easy installation as durability and reliability come with these keystone jacks. Our 3 Micron Gold Plated....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N162/25
  • Cat5e Punch-Down Keystone Jacks color blue

    Cat5e Punch Down Keystone Jack - Blue: Cat5e keystone jack design specially to connect cables to patch cords. We are providing cat5e punch-down keystone jacks that outperform their competition at a v....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N105/1
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  • 4 Port Surface Keystone Jack Mount Box in White Color

    Keystone Jack 4 Port Surface Mount Box in White Color: There are some spaces where a faceplate cannot be fit or punching a hole is not a good idea. This is where our 4 port keystone jack surface moun....Read More
    SKU: NYC-G157/1
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Cat6, Cat6a Keystone Jacks:

The term keystone drives from its shape of the jack. Ethernet keystone jack is a connector used in data communications, especially in the local area networks. This jack mounts in a wall plate or patch panel. A keystone plug is a matching connector attached to the end of a cable cord. The major advantage of a keystone jack is its versatility.

We can mount several types of keystone jacks on a single patch panel. These jacks give you a consistent connection that is also safe. Our keystone jacks are of superb quality, which is designed for easy installations.

For example, the cat6 keystone is only for category 6 cable. We sell these jacks in a pack of 100. There are a lot of vibrant colors available in these jacks. You can order them from Newyork cables at a market competitive price with free shipping in all the mainland of the USA.

Keystone Jack at NewYork Cables

We at New York cables carry various sorts of ethernet keystone jacks. Punch down, toothless, and mount boxes are some of them. These mount boxes come with 2 and 4 ports. For installation, you don’t have a punch a hole in your wall. With multiple ports, you can connect various devices at the same time. For every category of ethernet cable, we use a different keystone jack.