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What Is A Coax Cable?

Coaxial Cable is an electrical cable that is used to send and receive electrical signals. These cables are in business since the start of the 20th century. We build it with a metal shield and has copper conductors for improved connectivity. We make the outer jacket of coax cable with PVC. The best part about this cable is that it is one reliable and long-term investment. It won’t let you down by its performance or reliability in the long run.

What is RG Standard?

Some people might get confused with the term “RG” that is mentioned with every coax cable. In reality, the RG stands for “Radio Guide”. It is one technical aspect of many coaxial cables. It shows the thickness of the cable. If the Radio Guide number is higher, it means that the conductor core is also thinner and vice versa.

Where Coaxial Cables are Used?

As discussed earlier, the coax cables are not a new type of electricals cable. They have been in business for decades. So, the applications or the uses of these electrical cables are many. We list some of their uses below:

  • Cable Operators

To connect the standard televisions with the cable antenna system, the coax cable is used by the cable operators. It ensures that the cable signals are sent with minimum interference.

  • Telephone Companies

These companies also use coax cables to form a network to form a local area network. The reliability and quality performance of these cables comes into play here.

  • Internet Service Providers

The high bandwidth speed, strong build, and copper conductors of the coax cables make them a suitable option for networking. Therefore, these cables are also used by internet service providers.

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