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Our 1000ft cat5e plenum cable is best for applications that require cables to be run in plenum spaces. Before you consider whether a cabling solution will give you optimum results and transmission or not, you need to first look out for space whereby the cable is needed to be installed. A plenum space requires a plenum rated cable: such a space comprises of an air duct through which air circulates for the purpose of ventilation, heating or cooling and because of that there is high oxygen content present making the space overall sensitive to fire.

A plenum space can easily catch fire and it is, therefore, the cables installed therein should have a special coating of fire-resistive materials just like plenum rated cables. The insulation on our plenum cable is CMP rated which means that it has strict fire-resistive properties. This particular cable is a category 5 enhanced cable that has superior specifications and an exception plenum jacket which repels flame progression. The cable is low smoke and non-toxic cable.

This cat5e plenum cable is ideal for voice streaming, video streaming, Token Ring Type 3, 10BASE-T (Ethernet), 100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet) 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet GbE) and so on. It features compliance with high industry standards. It has been tested against its specifications for high data transfer speeds, bandwidth capacity, excellent attenuation, ability to cut down cross-talks, data integrity and so on. This cable is suitable to support up to 350 MHz bandwidth frequency and it has been tested to support up to 1000 Mbps gigabit speeds. It can perfectly support GbE (Gigabit Ethernet/1000Mbps) up to 100 meters.

The cable features 24 (AWG) American Gauge Wire conductor. It is made of 8 wires twisted together in 4 unshielded twisted pairs. The pairs are color-coded; therefore each pair can be identified by its color from the other pair in a different color. The twisted pair design plays a significant role along with the thicker sheathing used in this 1000ft cat5e plenum cable. They make the cable resistant to cross-talks and outer interferences. Cross talk can simply be understood as a disturbance that can really undermine the quality of your transmission and consequently the output. It provides more protection against Power Sum Equal-Level Far-End Crosstalk (PS-ELFEXT), Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) and Alien Crosstalk (AXT). This means that the integrity of your data will be protected and there will be a reduction in the loss of data packets while the data travels through the cables.

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