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  • Cat5e Plenum 1000ft CCA Cable CMP UTP Solid 350 MHz 24AWG

    Available Colors:
    Buy Cat5e Plenum Cable 1000ft CAT5E PLENUM 1000ft Cat5e Plenum Cable 100 MBit/s, 350 MHz CCA Conductors Complies with standards CMP-RATED JACKET Bulk Cat5e cable feature....Read More
    SKU: NYC-501
  • CAT5E Plenum 24AWG UTP 4 Pair Solid Bare Copper 350MHz TAA UL Listed

    UL Listed CAT5E Plenum 24AWG UTP 4 Pair Solid Bare Copper 350MHz 1000ft Pull Box White MADE IN USA This Cat5e Plenum bears UL-Listed marking which means the cable has been extensively tested against....Read More
    SKU: NYC-V512
  • Cat5e Plenum 350MHz Solid Bare Copper 24AWG 1000ft Network Cable

    Available Colors:
    Buy Cat5e Plenum Cable 1000ft CAT5E PURE COPPER CABLE Solid Copper Cat5e Cable 100MBit/s, 350 MHz 24 AWG, 4 Pairs, Unshielded Plenum Jacket Competitive Price, Easy to Install ....Read More
    SKU: NYC-511
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Buy Cat5e Plenum Cable 1000ft

Cat5e Ethernet Cable

  • Cat5e cable with plenum-rated
  • For indoor use
  • 100 MBit/s over 100 meters with 350
    MHz bandwidth
  • Solid bare copper conductors

Long-Lasting Plenum-Rated Jacket

  • Active fire resistance
  • Low and non-toxic smoke
  • 1000 ft Cat5e is designed for
    horizontal installations
  • Run through HVAC units, open indoor

Solid Bare Copper Conductors

  • 4 pairs of 24 AWG conductors
  • Cat5e 1000 ft ethernet cable
    features Solid bare copper
  • Ideal for long-distance
  • Maintains signal integrity without

Bolt Speed Performance

  • Over 50 meters data transfer rate on
    Cat5e UTP reaches up to 1 GBit/s 
  • Minimal interference and
  • Voluminous bandwidth for
    high-performance applications

10-Year Warranty – Cat5e UTP

  • Our Cat5e Plenum 1000ft comes with
    10-year warranty (Terms Apply)
  • Fast and Free Shipping
  • Complies with industry standards:

Effortless Installation

  • Our Cat5e cables are easy to
  • Comes in tangle-free easy to pull
  • Best for bulk buyers
  • Kink-free Cat5e Network Cable

Cat5e Plenum Cable – Top Notch and Easy to Install

Looking to buy high-quality, long-lasting cat5e ethernet cable? Look no further. NewYork Cables offers the cutting-edge Cat5e plenum cable with bare copper conductors and durable plenum jacket. Along with the 1000 ft ethernet cable we offer a 10-year warranty (Terms Apply) and free shipping ($299+). 

The conductors of the cable are unshielded and features 4 pairs made from solid bare copper. These conductors are ideal for long-distance transmission and the cable can be run in indoor open spaces where plenum-rated cables are required. Wondering whether they pass building inspection? With flying colors. Our cables are in compliance with all industry standards and are perfectly safe for use in commercial and residential units.  

Unmatched Performance 

We take pride in offering Cat5e plenum cable bulk which not only meets but exceeds the industry standards of performance and safety. Over 100 meters, the cable delivers data at a high speed of 100 Mbit/s with a 350 MHz bandwidth. And over 50 meters of run length, the cable can relay signals at a blazing 1 GBit/s. 

Due to the tightly twisted conductor pairs, the cable minimizes Noise and EMI (electromagnetic interference) which directly results in faster and more cleaner transmissions. 

Cat5e Plenum Rated Cable

The outer jacket of the 1000ft cat5e cable is made from plenum-rated material. It is designed for indoor use in open spaces. The cable jacket is durable and heat resistant. In case of a fire hazard, it does not carry flame nor does it emit toxic smoke which makes it super safe for plenum spaces. 

Moreover, the plenum jacket of the 1000ft Cat5e Cable CMP is tangle free and makes the installation effortless. If you are concerned about kinks while running the cable, this is the best option on the market. It is designed specifically to make the installation hassle-free. 

Tested and Certified

Our 1000ft bulk plenum cable is tested rigorously to meet industry standards. It also meets all the requirements of the regulatory bodies. For Cat 5e cabling, our cable is complies with the following standards: FCC, CE, CSA, ISO/IES, RoHS. 

It also complies with the EIA/TIA standards and can be terminated as per the T568A or T568B wiring protocols. 

Buy Cat5e Plenum Cable 1000ft – NewYork Cables

Buy the top-notch 1000ft Cat5e Ethernet Cable with plenum-rated jacket and solid bare copper conductors from NewYork Cables. Our new enhanced Cat5e Plenum 1000ft is long-lasting, durable, and high performance – proven by rigorous testing and certifications. Moreover, we offer free shipping ($299+), a legendary 10 year warranty (Terms Apply), additional quantity discounts, and fast shipping. Moreover, our plenum cable not only meets but exceeds the industry standards. Place your order now or reach out to us for more info.