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OM3 Multimode 50/125 Fiber Optic Patch Cable LC/SC

OM3 Fiber Patch Cable

Multimode 50/125

  • High-Quality OM3 Fiber Cable
  • High-Speed Performance
  • 50 μm Core
  • Ensures minimal return/return loss at ≤0.3dB/ ≥30dB
  • The OM3 Patch Cable is OM3 with a 50-micrometer core size
  • The cladding diameter is 125 µm
  • Supports a bandwidths between 850nm and 1300nm
  • Ideal for short distances in indoor use

OM3 Patch Cable Duplex

Sleek Durable Ferrules

  • Duplex OM3 patch cable
  • Features two separate fibers within the same assembly
  • Ideal for short distances in data centers and indoor LAN networks
  • Minimum interference, easy to handle, ductile, and malleable for easy installation.
  • The fiber optic patch cable is easy to use and reliable for networks with high-performance needs
  • The design of the OM3 fiber optic cable and ferrules is sleek
  • Available ferrules are: LC to LC, LC to SC, and SC to SC
  • We have tested the cable rigorously to make sure you get the quality you deserve.
  • The durable and slim ferrules allow for more connections
  • Proven record of easy to patch with plug-and-go feature

Tested and Certified OM3 Fiber Optic Cable

Available in Multiple Lengths

  • Tested rigorously by NewYork Cables so you get the performance that you deserve
  • The OM3 multimode fiber complies with all industry standards
  • Meets and exceeds the industry standards
  • Proven record of everlasting high-performance
  • The OM3 patch cable is available in multiple lengths
  • Designed for all types of use
  • Available lengths are (meter): 1, 3, 5, 7, 10
  • The PVC jacket has a refreshing Aqua color

Buy 50/125 OM3 Fiber Optic Duplex Patch Cable

If you are looking to buy top-notch OM3 fiber patch cables to elevate your network performance? Our OM3 Fiber Patch Cables are your ultimate solution. Packed with high-speed capabilities, a 50 μm core, and unbeatable affordability, we bring you the connectivity you can count on.

OM3 Fiber Specs

Our OM3 Fiber Patch Cable is designed for those who demand the best. With a 50-micrometer core size and a cladding diameter of 125 µm, you’ll experience high-speed performance that exceeds expectations. These cables support bandwidths between 850nm and 1300nm, making them ideal for short distances in indoor use. Whether it’s gaming or multimedia streaming, these cables have got you covered.

Duplex OM3 Patch Cable – Double the Efficiency

For data centers and indoor LAN networks, our Duplex OM3 Patch Cable is the answer. Featuring two separate fibers within the same assembly, this cable offers unmatched efficiency. It’s easy to use, reliable, and minimizes Insertion/Return Loss. Our specially designed high-end glass fiber ensures minimal return loss at ≤0.3dB and ≥30dB, preserving your signal integrity. Plus, it’s rigorously tested for maximum efficiency, so you can rely on its performance.

Sleek and Durable OM3 Fiber Cable

In addition to performance, our OM3 fiber optic cable has a sleek and durable design. The slim ferrules are durable and their sleek design makes them highly functional. Because of their relatively small size, you can install or connect more optic patch cords to your devices. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of available ferrules, including LC to LC, LC to SC, and SC to SC. Our ferrules have a proven track record of being easy to patch, and their use is simpler with their plug-and-go feature.

OM3 Fiber Distance – Tailored for Your Needs

We have ensured that you can customize your OM3 Patch Cable. It is available in multiple lengths of 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 meters. The PVC jacket in a refreshing Aqua color not only protects your cable but also adds a premium look to your space. 

At NewYork Cables, we leave no room for doubt when it comes to quality. Our OM3 Multimode Fiber Optic Cable undergoes rigorous testing to ensure you get the performance you deserve. It not only complies with industry standards but also exceeds them, delivering everlasting high performance you can rely on. Place your order now or contact us for more info.