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  1. Cat6 Riser Solid Bare Copper UTP 550MHz 1000ft ETL Cable
    As low as $154.16
  2. Cat6 Riser 1000ft CMR 550 MHz UTP 23AWG CCA Cable – Pull Box
    As low as $78.25
  3. Cat6 Riser UTP Solid Copper 1000ft Ethernet Cable UL/ETL Listed And TAA Compliant
    As low as $155.20
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Cat6 riser cable is designed and manufactured as per Category 6 ethernet cabling standards. It not only meets but exceeds the Cat6 performance specifications in terms of higher data transfer speed, higher bandwidth, and better resistance against EMI. the Riser Cable Cat6 is tested rigorously to ensure high performance, durability, and safety. It can be used for 100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet) and 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet GbE), PoE, and PoE+/++. The fire safety protocols of the Cat6 Riser Cable are superior. Its riser-rated jacket is coated with a fire-retardant material which prevents and limits the propagation of flame in case of a fire event. But beware of the fact that it can emit toxic smoke, should it catch fire. The core of the cable features 23 AWG solid pure copper conductors. Eight conductors in total are twisted tightly into 4 pairs. Conductor pairs of the Cat6 cable feature more twists per unit length as compared to its preceding category and the difference in performance is starkly noticeable. The cable supports a voluminous bandwidth capacity of up to 550 MHz with up to 1 GBit/s data transfer speed over 100 meters. If you run the cable at up to 50 meters, its data transfer speeds can reach up to 10 GBit/s. Additionally, the pair-separator (spline) and tightly twisted conductor pairs help ensure minimum interference and maximum signal integrity.

Cat6 riser 1000ft cable

The twisted pair design inculcated in our cat6 riser cable plays a significant role. The twists used are made to be tighter on purpose. The cable sheath is also made to be thicker. This all is helpful in cutting down cross-talks and maintaining excellent attenuation levels. Cross-talk can be a very annoying issue, especially if you are running multiple cables close to each other, and also if high frequencies are involved. Our Cat6 riser 1000ft cable is made of thicker sheaths which gives you better protection against Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) and Alien Crosstalk (AXT). This means you can enjoy a low bit error rate in your wired LAN network. There will be fewer errors in your transmissions, as a result of which the data integrity will be protected and the transfer will take place reliably. The NewYork Cables, Cat6 riser cable features a very durable CMR-rated (riser) outer jacket. This cable jacket is certified to be used in vertical applications, for instance, between floors, in elevator shafts, and within walls. Whenever you are to install riser-rated cat6, you must look out for any plenum spaces because for such spaces we mandate it to install plenum-rated cables.

Cat6 Bulk Cable

Our Cat6 riser cable is produced in bulk sizes of 1000ft lengths. The cables are then packaged in sturdy easy-pull boxes which are ideal for a seamless installation procedure. You can simply pull the cable and run it wherever you need. The easy-pull box packaging of the 1000ft Cat6 cable is also ideal for storing it. NewYork Cables is the leading US brand of ethernet cables and accessories. Our 1000ft Cat6 riser cables not only meet but exceed industry standards by a wide margin. Order now and get the best value at discounted prices.
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