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Looking to buy premium ethernet network cables? You have come to the right place. We at NewYork Cables offer cutting-edge cat5e, cat6, and cat6a network cable at affordable prices with guaranteed high performance and ease of installation. Our cables are designed for speed, durability, reliability, and seamless installation. For both domestic and commercial networks, our Cat 5e Cable, Cat 6 Cable, and Cat 6a Cable are ideal solutions. Featuring plenum and riser jackets, tightly twisted conductor pairs, and bare copper conductors, our 1000ft bulk ethernet network cables are available for all sorts of use cases.  Furthermore, we test the network cable to ensure that they deliver ideal performance without losing data packets. Moreover, they meet and exceed the industry standards by a wide margin in delivering high performance. 

Cat5e Ethernet Cable

The cat5e ethernet cable relay data at up to 100 MBit/s over 100 meters. The cables are available in plenum and riser jackets. They also come with pure copper and copper-clad aluminum conductors. You can choose the one that best suits your needs. The bare copper Cat 5e cable is however the best performing as compared to its CCA counterpart.  If you need the network cable for a domain with high electromagnetic interference, the bare copper-enhanced Cat 5 cable is the best option. The cable comes in a 1000ft spool which is easier to install and tangle-free. Moreover, it is available in multiple colors so you can choose the right one for tidy cable management. 

Cat6 Ethernet Cable

The Cat6 Ethernet Cable boasts high-speed data transfers at up to 1 GBit/s over 100 meters. It also offers a voluminous bandwidth capacity of 550 MHz. The Cat 6 network cable is ideal for both commercial and residential applications.  Featuring 23 AWG conductors with plenum and riser jackets, it is versatile and easy to install. Over long time use, it holds perfectly in adverse environmental conditions. It's easy pull box packaging makes it easier to install and store the leftovers for later use.  Moreover, the Cat 6 ethernet cable features a spline between the four 23 AWG conductor pairs. This results in reducing the electromagnetic interference and crosstalk. For indoor air handling spaces, the Cat 6 cable with the plenum jacket is the most ideal option. For indoor vertically enclosed spaces such as elevator shafts and the space between floors, the riser cat6 cable is most suitable. 

Cat6a Ethernet Cable

The cat6a ethernet cable is the augmented variant of the Cat6. It offers a lightning-fast data transfer rate of up to 10 GBit/s over 100 meters. And supports a voluminous bandwidth of 750 MHz. Cat 6a cable is the best option for networks that require absolute high performance such as data centers and server rooms. It is also an ideal ethernet wire for domestic LAN networks.  With 23 AWG bare copper conductors, Cat6a can be used for almost all networking applications. Such as Power Over Ethernet (POE), 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Video/Audio, etc. The conductor pairs of the cable are tightly twisted which keeps the EMI and crosstalk in check. Furthermore, it is available in both shielded and unshielded variants. The shielded variants are to be used in environments with the highest degree of interference.  Cat 6a Cables are the ultimate network cables and are available at affordable prices. They are tested rigorously in real-life conditions to ensure that they meet the industry standards. That is also why our bulk ethernet cables not only meet but exceed the industry standards by a wide margin. 

Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a Network Cable Price

NewYork Cables is the leading supplier of ethernet cables and accessories. Our cat5e, cat6, and cat6a ethernet cables are offered at competitive prices and are designed to meet all types of networking needs.  We offer quantity discounts on our wide variety of plenum, riser, bare copper, CCA, shielded, and unshielded ethernet cables. 

Buy Ethernet Network Cable

NewYork Cables has a full range of high-performing, cutting-edge ethernet network cables including the Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a. We also offer premium quality coaxial cables at affordable rates. 

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