Black Cat6a Plenum Bare Copper Wooden Spool 1000ft

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Additional information

Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 15 × 15 in
Cable Jacket:

UTP Plenum




100% Pure Copper Solid Conductor



Installation Temp:

-10℃ to 60℃


1000 FT


4 Twisted Pairs


Wood Spool


IEEE 802.3af / IEEE 802.3at (PoE+)



Wire Gauge:


Cat6a Plenum Bare Copper UTP 750 MHz

The cat6a plenum bare copper cable is one new and improved Ethernet cable that has got all the features you need to form a high-quality local area network setup. It has got four pure copper unshielded twisted pairs. The bare copper conductor ensures that you get the maximum performance out of it. With no any, mixing of materials, this cable is all you need for maximum performance. Our cat6a plenum cables have tighter twisted pairs to ensure that you achieve the maximum results whenever you use them. These tight twists also help in minimizing the effect of interferences such as EMI (electromagnetic interferences), and RFI (Radio Frequency Interferences).  Forget about any data loss as this cable has got all your networking needs covered. The tight pairs, solid construction, and quality jacketing make it a perfect option for a variety of networking needs. The frequency of the cat6a plenum cable maxes out up to 750 Mhz. With high-quality pure copper internals, this cable is ideal for fast ethernet and gigabit ethernet applications.

It’s capable of handling extreme temperatures, which allows it to be used in many applications. It’s one quality wire so you can use it for both indoor and outdoor applications. Another reason why this cable is so popular is due to its durability and quality-made construction. The wires are extremely durable and will last for a long time as a result of their heavy-duty construction. These wires are so powerful they are easily able to support themselves under a load of over 300lbs. They also include an ultraviolet-resistant finish which protects from harmful ultraviolet rays which can slowly eat away at the plastic straps as time passes. There are lots of advantages of utilizing the Black Cat6a Plenum Cable over other sorts of plastic cables, as you may notice in the various consumer reviews online. Also, this cable has a thick fire retard coating which makes it one safe cable for all kinds of networks.

These cables are proven to work extremely well in several applications. Whether you are looking for an outlet cover or a light switch cable, you can count on the Cat6a Plenum Cable to perform to perfection. As you might know, there are numerous layers of plastic that make up the plenum of a connector. Each layer is designed to resist the pressures placed upon the cable by thermal growth and chemical reactions that occur at elevated temperatures. When these wires are installed, they provide an effective barrier against heat and corrosive substances.

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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Bridger Koen Verified Buyer

    Good quality cable for a good price. Zero issues. Thanks

  2. 04

    by Colter Fihol Verified Buyer

    I recently bought a Black Cat6a Plenum and it has been great. It was very easy to install and the data speeds have been fantastic. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for high speed data transmission.

  3. 04

    by Zyair Verified Buyer

    I recently used this Cat6a Plenum cable for a project and am really impressed with it. It was easy to work with and provided excellent performance. The cable was well constructed and delivered a reliable network connection.

  4. 04

    by John Ortiz Verified Buyer

    My problem was quickly identified and the relevant Cat6a Plenum Cable recommended. Reasonable value for money and delivered within a couple of days.

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Cat6a Plenum 100% Copper UTP 1000ft

Black Cat6a Plenum Bare Copper Wooden Spool 1000ft

$266.50$319.99 (-17%)

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