Cat6 Plenum Pure Copper CMP 550MHz 1000ft Ethernet 23AWG UTP Cable

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  • 4 Pair, 23 AWG, UTP
  • 100% Pure Solid Copper (Conductors)
  • Tested Up To 1 GBit/s, 550 MHz
  • Communications Multipurpose Plenum (CMP)
  • Certified: FCC, CE, CSA, ISO/IES, RoHS
  • Easy-Pull Box, 1000ft

Cat6 Plenum Pure Copper Cable:

If you are looking for a cable with exceptional conductivity, a cat6 plenum cable would be a perfect choice. This cable has 550MHz frequency with 1Gbps data transfer rate. Cat6 plenum pure copper features a 23 AWG wire. There are eight wires bundled together in four pairs. We make its conductors of pure copper. You can use this cable for applications like Ethernet, Fast Ethernet,, and Gigabit Ethernet. Our data cables have been tested with a Fluke DTX-1800 Versiv Cable Analyzer and are in compliance with ANSI/TIA standards. This bulk cable has 1000ft in length, and that is why it comes in an easy-pull box. Our customer support team is always here to assist you. If there is some problem with the cable, our easy return policy will help you. Order now and enjoy our discounted prices.

This Cat6 plenum solid copper cable is no exception to this general rue of ours. This cable is a must-have with applications requiring high frequency, high data integrity, and excellent attenuation. We highly recommend the cable for applications like 10BASE-T(Ethernet), 100BASE-TX(Fast Ethernet), 1000BASE-T(Gigabit Ethernet), and 10 GBASE-T(10 Gigabit Ethernet). The cable is TIA/EIA verified, and RoHS Compliant.

The NFPA 90A standard

The cable is thoroughly tested for all the base standards for category 6. It meets all such standards and doing so it even exceeds some of such base requirements. Whenever you are choosing a cable. You must first consider whether you are supposed to install in a plenum space or a non-plenum regular space. Since through plenum spaces air circulates, considerations as to we should take in the high possibility of fire hazards in such spaces to account.

You must only install cables that have plenum-rated outer jackets in plenum spaces as the fire ratings. Such cables are strict enough and they have the required coatings of fire repelling materials. This ISO/IES ROHS Compliant Cat6 plenum pure copper cable is perfect for plenum spaces as it is. Tested for stringent burning, besides that, it conforms to the safety codes set out by the Nation Fire Protection Association in the NFPA 90A standard.

Cat6 Plenum Cable!

This Cat6 plenum bare copper cable has 23AWG four (UTP) unshielded twisted pairs, and eight pure copper conductors. The conductors are 100% pure copper conductors which take the conductivity of the cable to a whole new level. We design it to provide you with high performance and high-quality transmissions with a low bit error rate. We make this possible because this cable is more resistant to cross-talk between the cables.

Cross talk refers to errors that not want for good transmission. These errors bring down the quality of your Ethernet performance. For the purpose, we designed this cable with bare copper conductors. Tighter, twisted pairs, and thicker sheaths so we do not compromise your quality. It is, therefore, our Cat6 plenum solid copper cable that gives you enhanced protection against Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) and Alien Crosstalk (AXT).

This cable has some superior electrical specifications as well. For instance, we have tested it to support bandwidth frequencies of up to 550MHz. We have tested the data transfer rate of this cable up to 1 Gbps with a low bit error rate. With a lower bit error rate, it is meant that there will be less loss of data packets, and the overall integrity of your data will be protected if you use these cables. Now, exactly how this data integrity protects? Well, we protect the data integrity when the undesired cross-talks and other interferences keep at an acceptable level, and that is exactly what this high-quality cable can do.

Why Choose Us!

At NewYork Cables manufacture cables with quality standards. Like high-performance quality data transfer with reduced signal degradations, high data transfer speed and capacity speed, tighter wounds. Formulated by NewYork Cables, these exceptional ethernet cables are crafted in China. The price points for our cables and other accessories are most market-competitive.

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