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Patch Panels :

The patch panel is used for managing ethernet cables. These devices come handy when you are building a network and there are a lot of ethernet cables. There are multiple ports on the panel to manage input and output cables.

Patch panels help you manage and identify cables. All Ethernet cables can be placed in one central cabling location with the network. This helps keep the cabling system smooth and organized, avoiding tangling and messy cables. Furthermore, the ports of patch panels are often labeled, enabling us to better identify which cable originates from where.

Network patch panels also lower the outage risk. When you are moving your network to another place, there is always a danger of damaging. it can certainly reduce the risk of an unnecessary outage.

We offer a wide range of patch panels. These panels are specifically designed for certain cables. For example, you can buy a Cat6a patch panel if your network has a Cat6a cable. There are different numbers of ports of these panels. You can choose them according to your needs. If you are running a big network you can choose a 24 port Cat6 patch panel.

We manufacture premium quality following market standards. This device will also help you against electromagnetic interference when there are power cables near your network. These panels are TIA/EIA verified. At Newyork cables, we carry a wide range of these panels. You can order and get these panels with free shipping.

  • For Cat6A Horizontal Rack Mount 12 Port Patch Panel

    12 Port Patch Panel Cat6a: NewYork Cables provide reliable networking products for those who build the "nervous system" of our economy. We do this at reasonable prices with enhanced features, simplic....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N300
  • 24 Port Patch Panel for Cat6A Cables – Horizontal Rack Mount

    Cat6A Patch Panel 24 Port: As the demand for top definition content continues to extend, therefore will the requirement for connectivity devices that dependably support high bandwidth networks. At Ne....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N301
  • Compatible With Cat6A, Horizontal Rack Mount Patch Panel 48 Port

    Patch Panels 48 Port for Cat6A: Now, when building networks for data centers, offices, or homes, we often have to deal with lots of cables. And using network patch panels to connect these cables to d....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N302
  • Cat6 Patch Panel 110 48 Port – Horizontal Rack Mount

    Patch Panels 110 48 Port: We, at New York Cables, strongly believe in quality, and with that, we believe in the quality of our cables and their related accessories. We have always aimed to provide yo....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N202
  • 24 Port Cat6 Patch Panel 110 – Horizontal Rack Mount

    Patch Panel 110 24 Port: At New York Cables, we do not merely focus on business growth. In fact, we look forward to growing with you. It is you who we want to serve, and that is exactly why our cable....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N201
  • Horizontal Rack Mount 12 Port Patch Panel Compatible With Cat6 Cable

    12 Port Patch Panel Cat6: At New York Cables, we never settle for anything that is less than perfect. We manufacture high-quality cables and their related accessories at very affordable price points.....Read More
    SKU: NYC-N200

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