Cat6 Patch Panel 48 Port Unshielded 2u Horizontal Rack Mount

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  • Cat6 48 Port Patch Panel (Loaded)
  • 2U Unshielded Horizontal Rack Mount
  • EIA/TIA T568 A and B Wiring Config
  • Dimensions: 20 × 5 × 3 in
  • Standards: FCC, CE, CSA, ISO/IES, RoHS
  • Cable Ties and Screws Included

48 Port Patch Panels:

We, at New York Cables, strongly believe in quality, and with that, we believe in the quality of our cables and their related accessories. We have always aimed to provide you with the most premium quality cabling solutions, and we take pride in our consistency. It is our goal to provide for your cabling solutions that are affordable and convenient.

Since our establishment, we have been manufacturing and selling high-performance cables like category 6 plenum, category 6a riser, category 5e plenum BC, category 5 plenum, etc. and user-friendly cable accessories like cat6 48 port patch panels, TV mounts, patch panels, and much more. This product is a patch panel featuring 110 punch down termination and 48 ports. Now, what essentially is the patch panel, and what does it used for? Well, to answer that one needs to look at this accessory as a connecting hub.

You can think of it as a flat tray with several ports. They connect each of the ports to other ports located elsewhere through patch cables. Our cat6 48 port 2 u Unshielded horizontal rack mount is useful particularly when you need to connect multiple devices in a local area network. Our patch panel 110 48 port provides you with a cable management solution. It is capacitated to accommodate several Ethernet cables at a time effectively, and in doing so it acts as a central assembly point. It is perfect for high-performance cables. We highly recommend it for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet network applications.

We manufacture it under the highest market standards and widely accepted industry requirements. At New York Cables, we manufacture products consistent with relevant requirements for particular products, and our patch panels are no exception to that. Our patch panels are TIA/EIA Verified, RoHS compliant, and category 6 specifications (TIA 568.C.2 (TIA-568-C.2) and ISO/IEC 11801) compliant. Apart from that, this cat6 48 port patch panel 110 is rated to support 100/1000 Mbps networking, and it can support 10 Gigabytes.

Unshielded 2u Horizontal Rack Mount

As mentioned above, this patch panel features 110 punch down termination. A 110 punch down termination corresponds to the punch block used to end twisted cable pairs. To understand this punch-down termination, you just need to know that through this sort of termination we can connect one group of wires to another group of wires. It provides you consistent and durable terminations featuring a minimum of 3 mm 50 micro-inch gold plated jack contacts.

As for the physical structure of this patch panel, it is a compact horizontal patch panel that effectively connects incoming and outgoing LAN lines. In addition, the plug or jack compatibility of this patch panel 110 48 port is RJ45. It can connect RJ45 ports to a network. It provides you with universal wiring for both T568A and T568B and I intend it to cater to conductor size 22, 24, or 26 American Gauge Wire (AWG).

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