Cat6 Patch Cable 6-Inch Bare Copper Slim

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  • Cat6 Patch Cable 
  • 10 GBit/s, 550 MHz
  • Conductors: Bare Copper, Copper-Clad Aluminum
  • UTP,  PVC Jacket
  • 4 Twisted Pairs, 24 AWG
  • Certified: FCC, CE, CSA, ISO/IES, RoHS

Cat6 Patch Bare Copper Cable

Our premium Cat6 Patch Cable comes with a wide array of amazing qualities and features. With a bandwidth capacity of 550MHz, the Cat6 Patch Cable offers amazing data transfer rates of 10Gbps. Being a slim cable, the bend ratio of our bulk patch cable is high. It has bare copper-stranded conductors, which means the Cat6 Patch Cable is more flexible, has longer flex life, is less susceptible to damage, and great for networking in congested places. The bulk patch cable is excellent for server rooms, rags, and switch-to-switch connections. It is also ideal for usage in short distances and for connecting computer devices. The Cat6 Patch Cable 6 Inch Bare Copper Slim comes with 6μ gold-plated conductors. To ensure that the cable meets all safety standards, our patch cable has also gone through fluke testing as well. The Cat6 patch cable works perfectly fine in extensive networks including the data centers and provides excellent protection against crosstalk and EMI (electromagnetic interference). The outer jacket of this patch cable is made up of supreme quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - this material serves as an excellent shield in harsh environments. The cable runs 28AWG. This bulk patch cable is ideal for applications like Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet owing to its super-fast data transfer rates. This bulk patch cable is TIA/EIA verified and is in compliance with RoHS. Rest assured, here at New York Cables, all of our cables including Cat6 Patch Cable 6 Inch Bare Copper Slim passes through rigorous testing protocols. If you are looking to buy any patch cable, look no further as we are your one-stop shop serving all connectivity solutions.

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