2 Port Standard Face Plate for Keystone Jacks Pack of 10

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  • 2 Port Faceplate, Pack of 10
  • For Keystone Jacks
  • Dimensions: 4 × 4 × 6 in
  • Colors: White, Off White
  • Durable and Long Lasting Material

2 Port Standard Face Plate for Keystone Jacks:

At New York Cables, our utmost priority is the quality of what we manufacture. We significantly look up to what our customers have to say. Customer satisfaction is very crucial to us, and therefore, we give our prime attention to customer feedback. Our line of products reflects the quality, and these 2 Port Standard Face Plate for Keystone Jacks do exactly that. It aims to cater to almost all keystone inserts out there in the market. We recommend you them for coaxial cables, twisted pair cables, HDMI cables, and other such cables. These faceplates are compatible with all of our Cat5e, Cat6 cables, and along with that, they can be effectively used with audio video keystone jacks. The quality of our faceplates speaks for itself, for it makes them of sturdy high impact ABS plastic.

Faceplates can be of various types. Primarily, we carry drywall brackets and keystone jack plates in standard design. These 2 port keystone jack faceplates are in standard design. We carry a range of packaging options for the wall faceplates. As for the ports, there can be faceplates that support the different numbers of ports. It varies from the faceplate to faceplate, and even from manufacturer to manufacturer. At New York Cables, you can find the right faceplate that fits your needs because we have a wonderful variety of them. This one supports two ports and the color of the plate itself is standard white.

Now, why do you even need this accessory?

Why do you need a faceplate for keystone jacks? To simply understand this; you need to know that it uses them in building structures to connect telecommunication cables to a junction box, mud ring, or surface mount box. The feature that makes this product an almost must-have is the flexibility that it provides. You can use our 2 Port Standard Face Plate for Keystone Jacks to neatly snap-in any keystone jacks to get a customized set-up. They make your walls appear nice and well-kept-for. They help you maintain the look of a clean space and wall, and they help in catering to wire clutters. Our 2 Port Standard Face Plate for Keystone Jacks work with keystone/ modular jacks and snap-ins. NEW YORK CABLES design them to provide any installation flexibility which only jacks need.

You can get this accessory in several ways. For instance, you have the option to order just a single such face plate packet, a five-piece packet, and/or a ten-piece packet. They aim these faceplates to provide you a cost-effective solution. They include the screws that are required to screw the faceplate on a wall in the package. The size of each faceplate is 2 3/4″ x 4 1/2″.

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