What Are Ethernet Network Cables?

Most probably, you would have read or heard about ethernet cables somewhere on the internet. This is because this type of network cable is so popular. Here the word ethernet is a network standard. The Ethernet cables have a thick PVC, riser, or plenum coating (depending on which one you get) that houses its internal structure. Currently, most of the Ethernet cables are available in different categories and are known as Cat5 (category 5) or Cat6 (category 6) cables.

Get A Variety Of Network Cables For Enhanced Connectivity

Network cables are no short of categories they come in a variety of types that help the customers choose the one that suits his networking requirements. Here is a brief list of different types of network cables, and we have got them all for you.

Cat6 PVC Cables

The most basic type of category 6 cable is the cat6 PVC cables. Here PVC is referred to as the material that houses the whole cable internals. As PVC is one plastic material and is not that expensive. If you want an affordable cat6 cable then you should consider PVC cat6 cables. Also, the PVC jacketed cat6 cables are ideal for those who want to install it in outdoor conditions. These cables are also backward compatible with other categories of ethernet cables.

Cat6 Riser Jacketed Cables

Coming to the riser rated cat 6 cables, you get enhanced bandwidth speed along with great reliability. These cables have a slightly thick riser-rated jacket. This is the outside coating or jacket and is more durable than PVC cables. These cables are rated best for vertical spaces of residential and commercial properties. Apart from these places, the riser rated network cables can also be used for other common places.

Cat6 Plenum Rated Cables

The plenum-rated cat6 cables are one supreme, or in other words, the best category 6 cable that you can buy to meet your networking requirements. Again, the plenum coating here is the material of the cable jacket that houses all of its internals. These cables were name plenum because they were designed especially for plenum spaces in buildings and residential properties.

The best aspect of the plenum rated cable is that they are fire retardant. Meaning that it will burn slowly in case of fire. Apart from slow-burning, a plenum cable emits less toxic smoke. So, from safety to point of view, these cables are the best compared to all of the other networking cables.

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