5 Cable Management Tips for Network Engineers

Does your Ethernet cable network look like a complete mess as some spaghetti bombs have exploded on your rack? If yes, then you need help with Ethernet network cables. By-products of improper cable management are maintenance failures and hardware failures. Therefore, all you need to do is to invest your time to craft meticulous planning and then implementing it. In this article, you will learn how to manage your networking cables properly to get cable longevity and optimum connectivity. Just stay with us and become a pro in cable management.

Always Labels Ethernet & Other Cables

Labeling ethernet network cables and other wires may seem a herculean task at the beginning, but believe us, it is worth the time and effort as it proves extremely helpful in the long run. Therefore, always label your ethernet cables, patch, cables, power cables, and other cables so that you can easily know what goes back where at the time of troubleshooting.


There’s an old maxim that has proven to be perfect and it is that one should measure twice and cut once. And when it comes to your network cable management, this couldn’t be more true. When you take perfect measurements, it not only results in cable reduction but also cost incurred on ethernet cables as every foot and inch of cable that does not go to waste add up.

Cable length

When installing Ethernet network cables, it is always better to not go for exact lengths and leave some extra cable. Why? Because in the troubleshooting phase, it comes handy. Else, if the cable becomes short after some cutting and does not fit the space, there’s no other choice but to install a new one. This will increase your cost and effort. The best solution is to buy bulk cables and make the custom.

Bends hurt cables

Irrespective of the quality of the cable, proper care is the best practice to get the best out of your ethernet cables. If you twist the cable too much around sharp bends, it will compromise the quality of the ethernet cable in your network cable management. Also, constant bending inflicts irreparable damage on ethernet cable as it results in speed loss, poor data transmission, and other performance issues.

Don’t buy cheap cables

Well, it goes without saying that quality carries a price tag. People often buy low-quality ethernet network cables to save few bucks. It feels good in the short run but eventually, performance issues force you to search the market again for better and high-quality cables. And you end up paying double the price for the same cable, and that too, in a very short time period. Here at New York Cables, we manufacture ethernet cables that exceed all industry standards such as FCC, CE, CSE, ISO/IES, and RoHS. Our cables are also available with UL and ETL certifications. All of our ethernet network cables including Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a come with a 10-year warranty (T&C applied).