Why and When To Use Cat5e Plenum Pure Copper Cable

  • Last modified: September 11, 2023
cat5e Cable

Cat5e Plenum Copper cable remains one of the most in-demand ethernet cables. It was the first ethernet cable that arrived with data transfer speeds in gigabit. The Cat5e Plenum Bare Copper cable is compatible with most of the existing applications. It has decent data transfer rates and bandwidth capabilities. Let’s dive deeper into the details to find out why and when to use the Cat5e Plenum Copper 1000ft.

For residential installations

Cat5e Plenum Copper 1000ft comes with a data transfer rate of 1Gbps over a distance of 328 feet or 100 meters. It has bandwidth capabilities of 100MHz and provides excellent protection against attenuation, crosstalk, and EMI. The data transfer rate and bandwidth capacities of Cat5e Plenum Copper Bulk are more than sufficient for all existing residential applications; it can even support gaming applications with ease.

Since we are talking about pure copper conductors, the Cat5e Plenum Bare Copper will provide excellent signal strength and can maintain data signal quality at longer distances.

For Small Businesses

The data transfer rates and bandwidth capacities of the Cat5e bare copper cable make it an ideal choice for installation in the network applications of small businesses. Just like residential usage, this cable supports all applications related to small businesses.

For Installation in Plenum Spaces

Plenum spaces are that part of the buildings that are made to facilitate air circulation for air conditioning and heating systems. As the risk of fire eruption in these areas is relatively high, you are only authorized to use a plenum-rated aka CMP-rated cable for installation in the plenum spaces. Cat5e Plenum 1000ft is designed to be insulated in plenum spaces. The jacket of the Cat5e pure copper plenum cable is made up of high-quality polyvinyl chloride. If a fire erupts, this thick and superior quality coating will halt fire progression as it is fire-retardant. Also, it emits little smoke and no perilous gases when it comes in contact with the blaze.

The plenum-rated cables are made up of such fine quality that you can use them as a replacement for the riser spaces. But the same can’t be done with riser-rated cables.

The Cat5e cable is also available in riser and PVC variants; both these variants have the same data transfer rates and bandwidth capacities. The only thing that differentiates riser and PVC cables from plenum cables is the jacket material.

For Gaming Purpose

The Cat5e Plenum Copper Cable supports all gaming applications with ease. Thanks to its high data transfer rates, high bandwidth capacities, and excellent protection against crosstalk and EMI, the Cat5e cable is an ideal choice for gamers. It provides uninterrupted connectivity and that too at high speeds.

It is pertinent to mention here that the TIA/EIA standard for bandwidth capacities for the Cat5e Plenum Copper 1000ft is 100MHz. Here at New York Cables, our Cat5e cable comes with bandwidth capabilities of 350MHz; it means our Cat5e cable can maintain signal strength at longer distances and provide you excellent connectivity.

Our Cat5e cable also comes in CCA conductors. However, because of its high data speed, economical price, and excellent protection against crosstalk, the pure copper cable remains one of the most popular and in-demand products. Our Cat5e Plenum Copper Cable runs a wire gauge of 23AWG.

To purchase high-quality Cat5e bare copper cable, you can always rely on us. Our Ethernet cables not only meet all existing industry standards but also surpass them by a wide margin. Rest assured, when you buy Cat5e bare copper cable from NewYork Cables, you get the best value for your money with complete peace of mind.

Specification Cat5e Cat6 Cat6a
Cable Jacket Plenum, Riser & PVC Plenum, Riser & PVC Plenum & Riser
Wire Gauge 24-AWG 23-AWG 23-AWG Highly Twisted
Frequencies 350 MHZ 550 MHZ 750 MHZ
Installation Temp 0°C to 60°C 0°C to 60°C 0°C to 60°C
Pairs 4 Twisted Pairs 4 Twisted Pairs 4 Twisted Pairs
Package Easy Pull Box Easy Pull Box Wood Spool
Colors Black, Blue, White, Red, Green, Yellow Black, Blue, White, Red, Green, Yellow Black, Blue, White, Red, Green, Yellow
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