Things You Should Know About Cat5e Plenum Bare Copper Cable

The Cat5e Plenum Bare Copper cable is the fifth generation cable. It superseded Cat5 cable and took connectivity to whole new heights. Let’s learn more about this amazing ethernet cable. 

Understanding the term

The “5” in the term Cat5e points towards the fifth generation whereas “e” represents its “enhanced” features; Cat is a short form for word Category. 

Data Transfer Rates & Bandwidth 

The Cat5 cable offered a data transfer speed of 10Mbps up to a length of 100 meters or 328 feet and 100Mbps up to a length of 50 meters or 164 feet. The bandwidth capacity stood at merely 100 MHz. But as the IT sector witnessed enormous growth, Cat5 soon became obsolete as the cable industry came with enhanced versions that increased data transfer rates by as many as tenfold.  The Cat5e Plenum Copper 1000ft comes with data transfer rates of 1Gbps up to a length of 50 meters or 164 feet and 100Mbps up to a distance of 100 meters or 328 feet. Though the industry standard for bandwidth capacity for Cat5e stands at 250MHz, here at NewYork Cables, our Cat5e Plenum Copper Bulk comes with an enhanced bandwidth capacity of 350 MHz. 


The term itself is self-explanatory. The Cat5e Plenum Bare Copper has as many as 8 pure copper conductors that are tightly bundled together in 4 twisted pairs. These 4 twisted pairs provide excellent protection against crosstalk and prevent electromagnetic interference.  Also, the pure copper conductors have far less attenuation than their copper-clad aluminum counterparts. In case you don’t know, attenuation refers to loss of signal strength. And when it comes to connectivity via ethernet cables, signal strength remains one of the most important aspects to look out for. Also, copper-clad aluminum cables have way more DC resistance than their pure-copper counterparts. To put things in perspective, higher DC resistance takes a toll on connectivity by transferring relatively more energy into heat.  In nutshell, pure copper conductors are way better in performance than CCA conductors. 


Again, the term itself is self-explanatory. The Cat5e Plenum Bare Copper Cable comes with a CMP-rated jacket that is the highest rating for jacket material of ethernet cable; In case you don’t know, CMP stands for Communications Multipurpose Cable Plenum.  The plenum-rated jackets have fire-retardant properties. It means in the event of a fire eruption, these cables halt fire progression. Also, when these cables come in contact with ablaze, they emit no toxic gases or hazardous elements. 


Once again, the answer to this lies in the term itself. Cat5e Plenum Copper Bulk cables are designed for installation in the plenum or horizontal spaces of the buildings. These are the spaces that are designed to facilitate air circulation for air-conditioning and heating systems. As atmospheric pressure in these areas is high, there’s always a risk of fire eruption. Therefore, TIA/EIA standards state that you should always use CMP-rated ethernet cables in these areas. 


The Cat5e Plenum cable supports the following applications: IEEE 802.12:100 Base-VG, ATM PMD 155 Mbps IEEE 802.3 Fast Ethernet:10 Base-T, 100 Base-T4, 100 Base-X IEEE 802.5:4/16 Mbps Token Ring, and ANSI X3T9.5 TP-PMD (FDDI).  These are all the important points that you should know before purchasing a Cat5e ethernet cable.  Here at New York Cables, we take the whole concept of connectivity very seriously. At the heart of our business philosophy is the concept of providing optimum and seamless connectivity to our customers. Therefore, we make ethernet cables that not only meet existing industry standards but surpass them by a wide margin. Furthermore, all of our ethernet cables pass through extensive testing protocols before making it to the warehouse.  Rest assured, when you shop from Newyork Cables, you get the best value for your hard-earned money. We offer free shipping on orders worth $299.99 or more. To get in touch, drop us an email at