What is Cat6 Plenum and Why It Costs More than Cat6 Riser?

Ethernet cables are still in play even with all the latest technology. There are many types are ethernet cables but category 6 cables dominate the networking industry. Networking community opts for Cat6 Plenum and Cat6 Riser based on their networking requirements.


In this article, we'll give an idea of why Cat6 Plenum is more expensive than the Cat6 Riser? Why people go to the plenum-rated cables?


Cat6 Plenum


This is a category 6 cable with a plenum-rated jacket on it. We also know Cat6 Plenum as the Cat6 CMP (Communications Multipurpose Cable, Plenum). The biggest reason people go for this cable is that it has fire protection standards. It has a plenum-rated jacket made from the good quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


This cable is ideal for plenum spaces in any building. These are the spaces that have regular air circulation all the time. The purpose of these places is heating and air conditioning. Due to the regular air circulation, plenum places are prone to fire. Plenum-rated cables burn slowly with low smoke in the event of fire-making them safe for the people. Safety is one of the biggest reasons people choose these cables over the riser.


Cat6 Riser


Cat6 Riser or Cat6 CMR (Communication Multipurpose Cable, Riser) is an outdoor cable. You can use this cable in vertical installations. You can also use it for the floor to floor installations. It has a riser-rated jacket. The jacket is made of low-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


Cat6 Riser is an outdoor cable. It is not recommended for plenum spaces. In an event of a fire, this cable burns rapidly with thick fumes. This is one of the main reasons people go for plenum cables.


Why Plenum Cables are more Expensive than Riser Cables?


As we have mentioned above, that safety is the primary concern. But here are few more reason to go for the plenum than riser:


Jacket Material – Cat6 plenum uses good-quality PVC that burns slowly and produces fewer toxic fumes. The temperature limit of this cable is -25 to 125 degrees Celsius. This cable has good resistance against all kinds of chemicals. Cat6 riser uses low-quality PVC that burns with thick smoke and emits dangerous gases.


Safety – Both cables have different safety standards. Cat6 Plenum meets the strictest safety standard. Cat6 Riser goes under the safety standards.


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