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Fiber Optic Connectors

There are many different fiber optic connectors. These optical connectors establish connections between different networking devices at data centers. SC and LC connectors are two of the most commonly used connectors in today’s age.

Let us see what is the difference between these connectors and where you can use them.

LC Fiber Optic Connector

LC or Lucent Connector is a smaller one as compared to the others. It features a 1.25mm ferrule of ceramic. It was named after its inventor. You can use this connector for a single fiber cable. This particular connector was a modern replacement of SC connector but it was not effective. It has a latch style lock system. The applications of this connector are datacoms and high-density patch applications. Its smaller size makes it ideal for smaller places and heavily populated panels.

SC Fiber Optic Connector

SC or Standard Connector is one of the oldest ones. It came into the horizon in 1991. It has a push-pull lock system for durable connections. The applications of this connector are common video and audio cables. It is easy to connect and disconnect. Initially, it was used for Gigabit Ethernet networking. This connector remained pretty much dominant for over a decade due to its excellent performance and friendly usage.

So, what are the factors that differentiate these connectors from each other, let’s take a look.


This is one of the basic differences between these two connectors. The SC connector has a ferrule of 2.5mm while the LC features a 1.25mm ferrule which exactly half of the SC size. Due to the smaller size, LC is more commonly used in offices and data centers where there are clusters of fiber optic cables.


SC comes with a push-pull lock system while LC has a latched style locking system. LC’s are innovative and new style and that is they are highly in demand.

Time of life

As mentioned earlier, LC’s are relatively new connectors. SC connectors are widely in use all across the world but LC’s are following them. The insertion loss and return loss capabilities are the same for these two fiber optic connectors. Both of these connectors have a design that provides great speed and durable connections.

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