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SC & ST Fiber Optic Connector

Many sorts of fiber optic connectors have been invented over the years. There are many connectors and connection methods as well. SC and ST connectors are two of those connectors. These connectors further divide into two categories; single-mode and multimode. We’ll get into that later.

If you are planning to get fiber optic cables for your network, you should do in-depth research about the various connectors and difference patch cables. In this article, we’ll discuss SC and ST connectors and their uses. We’ll also talk about single-mode and multimode connectors.

Single-mode & Multimode Connectors

There are two basic differences between single-mode and multimode fiber optic connectors in general. The first and most basic one is the color. A single-mode connector usually comes in blue or white color while the multimode connector has a black or beige color. The main difference comes with the ferrule. Single-mode connectors have a zirconia ferrule. The multimode connectors come with both stainless steel and zirconia ferrule.

SC Fiber Optic Connector

SC or Standard Connector is a snap-in connector. You can use it on a network switch. These connectors are comparatively new as compared to the rest of the connectors but they have gained popularity in a short time. The reason is that they are cheap and easier to use. These connectors are also less prone to damage. You can use these connectors for both large core switches with fiber uplinks and smaller closet switches.

The ferrule size of this connector is 2.5mm. It has a push-pull lock system for durable connections. Fiber patch cables with SC connectors have a low price and greater durability.

ST Fiber Optic Connector

ST or Straight Tip Connector is yet another type of fiber optic connector. It has a bayonet locking system. It has a long cylindrical ferrule of 2.5mm size. This connector comes with a spring-loaded sheath that holds the fiber in place. When you insert this connector, you need to twist the connector to lock it.

ST fiber optic connectors are old technology because of the twist locking system and their applications are also limited. In today’s world where technology is changing every day, there are few of the devices that support ST connectors such as transceivers.


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