How to choose the best ethernet cable brand?

Are you planning to buy an ethernet cable for your network but have been confused by the myriad numbers of manufacturers out there on the market? If yes, you need not worry as we have got you covered. Read this article to make an informed decision when buying ethernet network cables for your network. 

You should look for the following things to pick the right ethernet cable brand:


TIA/EIA & Other Standards

When picking the brand, you have to ensure that you pick the right brand for your cable. The right brand will ensure that it follows all the existing industry standards like TIA/EIA, FCC, CSA, IES, and ISO. You have to ensure that the brand you are picking is RoHS compliant. Be it Cat6 ethernet cables, Cat6a ethernet cable, or Cat5e ethernet cable, you have to ensure that all existing industry standards are met. Here at New York Cables, we not only meet existing standards but also surpass them by a wide margin.

For instance, the TIA/EIA standard for Cat5e ethernet cable for bandwidth capabilities is 100MHz. Here at New York Cables, our Cat5e pure copper cable demonstrates bandwidth capabilities of 350MHz, thus keeping signal quality stronger at relatively long lengths. The same goes for Cat6 and Cat6a ethernet cables; the bandwidth standards for them are 350MHz and 500MHz but our ethernet cables come with 500MHz and 750MHz respectively. 



There are certain brands out there on the market that are selling cables at relatively lower prices. But when purchasing the ethernet cable, price shouldn’t be the only factor to take into consideration. Quality comes at a higher price tag. Pure copper cables are more expensive than copper-clad cables. The same goes for shielded and unshielded cables. Then comes the cables for the plenum, riser, and outdoor spaces. The plenum cables are more expensive, the riser cables fall somewhere between medium-range whereas PVC cables are relatively cheaper. 


Explore Digital Multiverse to Determine Brand Authority

When you visit the website of a particular brand, they will be saying all the positive things about their products to convince you to buy from them. While their opinion/branding matters, you shouldn’t ignore the customer reviews. Customer reviews remain one of the most important factors to find out about the brand authority and quality of the product it is offering. To find out people's opinions, visit the comment section of the website. Most importantly, you should visit third-party platforms as you can find authentic reviews at these two places. And this leads us to the next important factor that is customer service.


Customer Service

Customer service remains one of the most important factors that help in retaining new customers. You have to find out whether or not the brand you are choosing is providing the best customer service. Again, you can find about their customer service from third-party platforms, or you can go try their customer service before purchasing their product. For this purpose, you can drop a query about a specific product and then wait for how their team responds to it. The better the response, the greater the customer service. 


The variety factor

When choosing the brand, make sure that they have all sets of the latest ethernet cables i-e Cat5e ethernet cable, Cat6 ethernet cable, and Cat6a ethernet cable. A vendor with limited variety can trick a novice into buying an obsolete version of the ethernet cable. Therefore, it is better to have some prior knowledge about the types of ethernet cables. And this leads us to our next consideration, which is prior knowledge.


It’s Always Good To Have Some Prior Knowledge

When purchasing an ethernet cable, you should explore the digital multiverse to have some basic knowledge about the products. Doing so will not only help you in purchasing the best cable but also at economical rates.