5 Tips to Improve Wired Network Security

Contrary to popular belief that wired networks are unbreachable, there always exist threats that can compromise the security of your wired networks. Therefore, you should always prioritize the security of your wired networks irrespective of the types of cable you are using, for instance, Cat6 Ethernet Cable, Cat6a Ethernet Cable, Cat5e Ethernet Cable, and Ethernet Cables Bulk. When it comes to the security of your wired network, the size of your business does not matter; it is equally important for both small businesses and for large businesses. But you need not worry as we have got you covered. By implementing the suggestions mentioned below, you can ensure foolproof security of your wired networks.

Never forget Mapping & Auditing

Always perform auditing and mapping of your wired networks as these two things come in handy during troubleshooting. Mapping and auditing help you trace exact locations of all devices, the path of ethernet & other cables, configuration of the firewall, switches, Ethernet ports, switches, and any other device connected to your wired network. When it comes to mapping small networks, there’s no need to rely on auditing and mapping programs. You can do it simply on the sheet manually. However, when it comes to mapping and auditing wired networks of large organizations, you have to rely on the programs.

Always keep your network updated

It is always beneficial to regularly check for any software or firmware updates. Then, move on to devices like all the PCs, laptops, and printers e.t.c and ensure that their drives are also updated regularly, check out whether or not personal firewalls are active, passwords are intact, and that antivirus software is keeping the threats at bay.

Securing your network physically

Sadly, this is the point that is often overlooked by novice people and geeks. Securing your network physically is as important as securing it digitally. You begin this process by ensuring that your building is well protected and that no unauthorized person is allowed to enter. Then, secure your infrastructure such as wiring closets, switches, ports e.t.c not only from the common people but also from the employees. Then move on to Ethernet cables and make sure that they have been installed out of sight and are not accessible easily. Check your Ethernet cables (whether Cat5e Ethernet Cable, Cat6 Ethernet Cable, or Cat6a Ethernet Cable) for possible physical damage; if there’s any, replace the cable immediately.

Implement Virtual LANs to segregate traffic

Segregating traffic using virtual LANs is as important for small businesses as it is for big companies. Virtual LANS -- commonly referred to as VLANs -- are utilized to group wireless access points, ethernet ports, and users among multiple virtual networks.

Encrypt the entire network

The last phase to ensure full-proof security of the wired network is encrypting it through IPsec. You can use Windows Server as an IPsec server. However, one thing to consider is that encrypting the whole network is quite a difficult task and it takes a toll on the network, too. Communication can become slow and effective throughput rates drop dramatically. However, your whole network will remain on the safer side. When it comes to the wired network, the types of Ethernet cables you use always greatly impact overall performance. To buy the best Ethernet cables at market competitive prices, reach out to us now. We offer free shipping across the USA on orders worth $299.99 or more.