5 Things You Need to Know About Siamese Cable

  • Last modified: December 28, 2023

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5 Things You Need to Know About Siamese Cable

Here’s one fact you probably don’t know. The RG59 siamese cable is actually a specific type of coaxial cable. It is used to connect CCTV cameras and provides an all-in-one solution for all types of surveillance cameras.

The Rg59 Siamese Cable is a heavily shielded cable which means you will not have a problem using it for HD video transmission.

Moreover, the cable is long-lasting and super durable for use in all types of weather conditions.

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If you are looking to buy this cable, you have landed on the right page. We will walk you through everything you need to know about the RG59 cable. 

Finally, we will also recommend you a high-end option you can buy today. Be sure to read till the end. 

Note: RG (for radio guide) indicates the unit indicator for bulk radio frequency (RF) cable. The number 59 was assigned sequentially.

Introduction about RG59 Siamese Cable

The RG59 Siamese Cable is one such cable type that will allow the installers to use the single cable to run both the video and power on your security cameras. 

It is available in spoils of 500 or 1000 as well as black and white colors based on your needs and preferences. 

As it is heavily protected, you will find the availability of RG59 COAX cable for usage in the video as well as an 18 gauge power cable paired in one jacket. 

What is Siamese Coax Cable?

Siamese Coax cable works as a two-wire solution that is coupled together in just one cable for permitting pure power & video transmission for the BNC cameras. 

It is based on two distinct cables which are both connected with one cable coat. 

It is further attached to the video conductor which merely sends the video signals straight through the camera’s BNC connector. 

Plus, there is an attachment of the power wire which is transmitting the camera from a closed power supply to a DVR recorder. 

There have been a couple of Siamese cabling grades which is accessible for numerous video signals. The two of them are discussed below:

Premade siamese cable

It is available as pre-assembled with various lengths as well as end connectors.

Siamese Coax Cable

It is available in roll packaging. You will find it accessible with no pre-connected connectors which the users have to place on the ends and later on cut them the pre-defined lengths. 

Siamese links, in short, work as coaxial links in which various intensity wires have been joined together. 

Advantages of Siamese Cable

A few of the main advantages of Siamese Cable are:


You can buy Siamese cable as it helps transmit both video and power at the same time. In this way, they will be able to get a high return over the incentive for cash on busy days. 

Information Integrity

The overall functioning of these Siamese cables will permit the emerging transmission of the intensity with no such undue obstruction in the video transfer. 

This is how you can encounter an immediate improvement in the unwavering quality of information.

Rearranged Operations

You can buy Siamese cable as it has rearranged operations where both the information and power are transmitted in a similar cable connection. 

They are simply moving towards the setting of the video reconnaissance framework which is improved with time. 


You can use this cable with various cables and gadgets which makes it versatile. 

This can be shut circuit TV (CCTV), or reconnaissance cameras, as well as a wired security framework, and the RG59 coaxial cable.

What are the drawbacks of Siamese Cable?

They might show some complexity in working with other video security links.

RG59 Siamese Cable Connectors

Siamese cable bulk has made itself to be the prevalent camera wire which is used just to make the process of installation easy for you. 

The majority of the wired surveillance cameras are having the BNC connector for the video along with the standard 12V DC power jack. 

Hence, you are free to make use of single RG59 Siamese cable bulk for conveying the video from your camera within the DVR recorder. 

You can often use the power wire to easily transmit the power from a different power connector which is located at the backside of your camera. 

All you have to do is to run the wire and make it attach over the wall for the easy installation process. 

How to choose a perfect RG59 Siamese Cable?

  • It is quite thin in comparison with the RG6 Cables.
  • Works best for applications of low bandwidth. 
  • Great for applications with low frequency 

Where to Buy Customized Siamese Cable

NewYork Cables is the best place that helps create some customized siamese cables to be used on various applications. You can make effective use of it for industries and household purposes. Directly place your order or get in touch with us now. We will go above and beyond in delivering this high-quality RG59 Siamese cable at competitive prices. 

Specification Cat5e Cat6 Cat6a
Cable Jacket Plenum, Riser & PVC Plenum, Riser & PVC Plenum & Riser
Wire Gauge 24-AWG 23-AWG 23-AWG Highly Twisted
Frequencies 350 MHZ 550 MHZ 750 MHZ
Installation Temp 0°C to 60°C 0°C to 60°C 0°C to 60°C
Pairs 4 Twisted Pairs 4 Twisted Pairs 4 Twisted Pairs
Package Easy Pull Box Easy Pull Box Wood Spool
Colors Black, Blue, White, Red, Green, Yellow Black, Blue, White, Red, Green, Yellow Black, Blue, White, Red, Green, Yellow
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