5 New Trends of Broadcasting that Need Fiber-Optic Networking

  • Last modified: March 14, 2024

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5 New Trends of Broadcasting that Need Fiber-Optic Networking

There are certain applications and specific environments that require fiber optic networking. Broadcasting technology is one of them. The entertainment industry is changing rapidly as more and more people are connecting themselves to different devices. All the advancements in broadcasting are providing new and immersive experiences to the viewers. All this new technology is creating a new demand for wired infrastructure.

In this article, we have summarized five broadcasting trends that’ll involve the use of fiber optics in the next few years.

More Cameras with Fiber-Optic Networking

Broadcasting technology is becoming quicker and seamless as time goes by. The goal is to bring viewers closer to real-life experience with the broadcasting technology. To do this, we need to make every action, throw, and goal as real as possible. Fiber optics are the solution to do that.

A faster network would bring the most realistic gaming experience for the viewers. Broadcast technology is including more and more cameras to cover every possible angle in the field, augmented reality experiences, and never-before-seen views for the viewers sitting home enjoying the game. Different football and cricket leagues are using spider cam and 360-degree cameras to give you the ultimate experience of the game. All these cameras require a strong fiber drop. These quick fiber connections are growing in the broadcasting world.


Augmented and virtual reality have revolutionized the gaming experience. These technologies have been in broadcasting for quite sometimes now. Many football leagues use augmented reality in their matches. They use it at the start of the match to introduce their players and show their stats to the viewers.

Many news channels are using these technologies as well in their daily transmissions. All this use of augmented and virtual reality is possible because of fiber optics. They are implanting fiber optics to support their broadcast and share this new technology without any delays.

Constant Changing Content

There are now in-venue production teams in every major sport that are creating content to engage their viewers. They are shifting from high-definition to 4K resolution broadcast. In-venue entertainment continues to evolve with these production teams. Teams are using big screens to show scorecards and stats of their players.

These production teams are broadcasting original content anywhere and everywhere. They are doing it during and after the games. All these broadcasting requires higher bandwidth and that need for the fiber optic networking.

Migration of IP

IP is an evolving way to transport videos. It can support video feeds, camera angles, and camera types. Broadcast rooms have started to look like big data centers. There are rows of cabinets that have in-house IP-connected servers. There are no traditional master control rooms because there is always a risk of hacking.

Remote production with IP has cut down crew and equipment. When we plug cameras into a stadium’s network, it can broadcast video feed via IP to the production hub instead of all the on-location fuss.

Over the Top Streaming with Fiber-Optic Networking

Over the last few years, new shifting habits are changing the broadcasting trends in every industry. Many surveys suggest that over the top streaming is responsible for almost 82% of all the sports networking traffic in 2020.

OTT or over the top streaming lets the fan watch any sports from anywhere without access to television. Many sporting platforms stream every sport for their viewer’s convenience. OTT streaming requires a reliable and high-speed fiber connection to deliver a seamless stream to its viewers. Fiber-optic networking is truly revolutionizing broadcasting trends all around the world.

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