Best Ethernet Cables for an Ultimate Gaming Experience

Gaming is only fun when have got the right setup. It does not make sense to try to play online or offline games with insufficient equipment because it is more of a headache than fun that way. The backbone of all gaming setups is high-quality ethernet cables. Whether using an Xbox, Playstation, or any other gaming console, having the best ethernet cables is crucial for an ultimate gaming experience. 

Wi-Fi is a good alternative but it offers a different reliability than a wired LAN connection. LAN Cables such as the Cat6 and Cat6a are easy to set up and are almost always faster than WiFi connections. If you are a beginner, you’d be wondering, which is the best ethernet cable for gaming? Well, there are a lot of options out there but in this blog, we are going to shortlist the top 3 options - Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a - so you can choose the right one without hassle. 

Pro Tip: If you are buying pre-terminated patch cables, buy the ones with gold-plated connectors to ensure a reliable, high-speed connection for gaming.

What to look for in an Ethernet Cable?

How do you know which ethernet cable is the one for you? Well, there are various options that you will come across while shopping for cables. They all vary in terms of specifications such as Category, Latency rates, data transfer speeds, materials, etc.

best ethernet cables for an ultimate gaming experience

You should pick one that is made from high-quality materials such as conductor wires made from pure copper and a jacket made from plenum materials. But always remember, a good ethernet cable for gaming is not always the most expensive, the highest category, and the highest end on the market. The right cable that aligns with your requirements is the best option you can buy. So how do you decide which one aligns with your requirements? Keep reading to find out. 

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Cable Category 

The cable category plays a vital role. If you have the latest category cable then you will get the maximum speed and very little noise resistance. Older cables like Cat5e are still in play because of their specifications.

Cable Length 

Cable length is also another important factor. When you are buying cable, make sure to get some extra cable than measurements. The ideal length for a good gaming experience is 100 meters.


The conductor of the cable matters more than you would think. For instance, bare copper conductors make the cable easy to handle and manage. They are long lasting and you can use them for POE as well. Moreover, the latency is minimal and offers high-speed data transfer with almost no loss in data packets. 

Pro gamers know this makes a huge difference in data-intensive games in which you need a lot of juice at high speeds.


The best ethernet cords have shielding in them. It is an aluminum foil or a shield of braided aluminum wires that is wrapped around the conductors. It keeps crosstalk out of your connection and ensures smooth data transfer. 

If you are going to install the cable where there are multiple ethernet cables and power lines, it would be wise to use a shielded variant. All ethernet cables that we have listed below have shielded variants except Cat5e.

EMI and Latency

Electromagnetic interference is when the signals from other cables interfere with the signals in your cable. This results in unwanted signals that take up the bandwidth of your cable ultimately reducing the speed and quality of the connection. 

Ethernet cables that have tightly twisted conductor pairs have less interference. Cables that have shielding have even lesser values of EMI and thus higher quality connections.


Most of the ethernet cables are backward compatible. Getting a better cable will not affect your network unless you have good equipment to support that cable. There is a major difference between your internet speed and your bandwidth speed as well.

But most importantly, you need to make sure that the cable you are getting is compatible with the equipment you have at home. For instance, you are buying a Cat5e ethernet cable and your gaming console only supports WiFi connections, it would be a waste of time and money. So first learn whether or not your equipment is compatible with ethernet cables.

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Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming 

For smooth gameplay, choose either one of the below ethernet cables and you will never go wrong. The cat5e, cat6, and cat6a ethernet cables are used by pro gamers around the globe. Keeping your budget and speed needs in view, make the choice.

Cat5e Cable

As mentioned above, Cat5e is an old-category cable. This cable still competes with other cables in terms of low latency but the overall speed is only 100 MBit/s over 100 meters. Cat5e bare copper is good noise-resistant and high-speed, ideal for gaming.

Cat6 Cable

This is a category 6 cable. It surpasses its previous category in every term. This cable provides you with good speed and minimal crosstalk which can be annoying while gaming. With a data transfer speed of 550 MHZ, Cat6 gives you the ultimate gaming experience. It also gives you 10-gigabit speed but only at up to 50 meters. Cat6 comes in different colors so you don’t get confused with other cables.

Cat6a Cable

Cat6a is a top-notch gaming cable for consoles such as Xbox and PS5. Some people might argue that Cat6a is overkill for gaming. For a good gaming experience, you can rely on Cat6a cable. With this cable, you will get 10x more speed than Cat6. At up to 100 meters, it offers 10 Gigabit speeds with minimal interference and latency.

Which One? Final Verdict

Finally, now that you know the differences between the various options of ethernet cables for gaming and what makes them different, it is time to make the choice. 

Which one would you pick? The Cat5e, Cat6, or the Cat6a? Before you make the choice, remember that you need to assess your needs thoroughly. For instance, if you need the ethernet cable for PS5, you can choose any one of those. Similarly, for Xbox, you can choose between the Cat6 and Cat6a. Even the Cat5e is not bad if you are a little tight on budget.