Cat5e Riser Bare Copper 1000ft 24AWG 350MHz ETL Listed UTP Cable

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  • 4 Pair, Unshielded 24 AWG
  • 100% Solid Bare Copper Conductors
  • Up To 100 MBit/s, 350 MHz
  • Communications Multipurpose Riser (CMR)
  • Certified: ETL,FCC, CE, CSA, ISO/IES, RoHS
  • Active Interference Reduction
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Cat5e Riser Bare Copper UTP 1000ft Cable

Our Cat5e Riser Bare Copper cable is an enhanced version of the old category 5 cables. Many cool features come with this cable. This cable is ready with applications like Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet because it gives you a 1000Mbps data transfer rate. The frequency of this cable is 350MHz. You can also use this cable for video and audio streaming. Cat5e Riser Bare Copper cable is featuring 24 AWG wires. It has four unshielded twisted pairs and eight conductors.

Bulk Cat5e Cable has a riser-rated jacket. You can use this cable in non-plenum spaces and outdoor installations. TOur data cables have been tested with a Fluke DTX-1800 Versiv Cable Analyzer. It is also TIA/EIA verified and complies with RoHS. There is a marking of “ft” on the entire 1000ft of the cable to make the measurements easier. Easy-pull boxes, friendly customer service, and an easy return policy are some of the many cool features that come with the Cat5e Riser Bare Copper cable. Order today and save big with our low prices and zero shipping charges.

What makes our Cat5e Riser Bare Copper Cable a mark of Quality?

At New York Cables, we have always aimed for quality. We manufacture and sell high-quality Cat5e Riser Bare Copper cables and accessories at the most reasonable price. This riser-rated category 5 enhanced blue jacket cable with bare copper conductors is a high-performance cable that conforms to all the market minimum base requirements and standards. Bulk Cat5e Cable is a communication Multipurpose Cable, Riser, so it is made by the fire standards well-defined in Article 800 of the NEC.

Apart from that, it is TIA/EIA verified, and RoHS compliant cable. We have tested Cat5e Riser Bare Copper Cable against its specifications for high data transfer speeds, capacity, excellent attenuation, ability to cut down cross talks, high data integrity, and so on. This Bulk Cat5e Cable is suitable to support up to 350 MHz capacity frequency, and we have tested it to support up to 1000 Mbps gigabit speeds. It can perfectly support GbE (Gigabit Ethernet/1000Mbps) up to 100 meters.

Bulk Cat5e Cable

This Bulk Cat5e Cable riser’s bare copper blue cable has 24 American Gauge Wire AWG bare copper conductors, sorted out into shading coded bent sets. We make it up of 8 wires twisted together in 4 unshielded pairs. We color the pairs-coded; so, its color from another can distinguish each pair in a different color. Our Cat5e riser bare copper blue cable is perfect to put down cross-talks and other electromagnetic interferences because Bulk Cat5e 1000ft contains tight twisted pairs and thick outer sheathing.

Cross talks can simply understand as a nuisance. It is a phenomenon that usually occurs when a signal from one cable confuses and overlaps with a signal from another cable running nearby. It interferes with the quality of your transmissions and communications by introducing noises. Therefore, you need to look out for this undesired introduction of distortions, and for that our cable recommends for it is capable to provide you with high protection against Power Sum Equal-Level Far-End Crosstalk (PS-ELFEXT), Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT), and Alien Crosstalk (AXT).

Bulk Cat5e 1000ft

Our Cat5e Riser Bare Copper blue cables are perfect for non-plenum applications requiring high-performance and quality transmissions. It is not to install in plenum spaces because such spaces are home to air circulations, which make them sensitive to fire. Therefore, it requires installing plenum-rated cables only for they have the relevant fire ratings in plenum spaces.Conceived by NewYork Cables, these superior-quality ethernet cables are made in China. A cable with a riser-rated jacket does not have strict fire ratings. Order Bulk Cat5e 1000ft Cable and get free shipping in the USA.

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Weight N/A
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Cable Jacket:



Blue, White


Solid Conductor



Installation Temp:

-10℃ to 60℃


1000 FT


4 Twisted Pairs


Easy Pull Box



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10 Reviews For This Product

  1. 10

    by Lucas Parker Verified Buyer

    I had mistakenly ordered the wrong cable which i only found out about a week later when I started pulling it. I requested a return and they were kind enough to exchange it with the one i actually needed. Definitely recommended.

  2. 10

    by Caleb Anderson Verified Buyer

    Always get my twisted pair cables from NyCables. Never had a problem.

  3. 10

    by Justin Verified Buyer

    Its a pretty durable cable and their shipping is fast. I needed a few boxes of cat5e urgently and they were able to deliver on time. Thanks guys.

  4. 10

    by Edwards Verified Buyer

    We have run multiple boxes of this cable and they ran perfectly. The wire is quite thick so get the connectors and jacks carefully. Overall the cable is recommended.

  5. 10

    by Jordan Verified Buyer

    Its a good cable and the rate is perfect. Just what i was looking for. Would buy again.

  6. 10

    by Taylor Verified Buyer

    I could use a sturdier box.

  7. 10

    by Mason Verified Buyer

    Great quality at a reasonable price.

  8. 10

    by Maverick Jejer Verified Buyer

    I recently bought the Cat5e Riser Bare Copper 1000ft for my home networking project and am very pleased with the results. The cable is high quality and easy to work with. It’s strong enough to run through walls and ceilings without any issues. The signal strength is excellent, providing an incredibly fast connection with no lag or interruption. Setup was straightforward and I had no problems getting the network up and running.

  9. 10

    by Santiago Eli Verified Buyer

    This Cat5e Riser cable is great for my needs. The connector is super easy to use and the materials used to make it are high quality. I’m especially pleased that it’s 100% copper yet affordable.

  10. 10

    by David Hudson Verified Buyer

    This cable is fantastic! It’s super convenient and easy to pull out, plus it’s also very compact, so it doesn’t take up much room. I’ve used it for a few months now, and it works reliably without any issues. The cable is also flexible enough to get into tight spaces. It’s very lightweight but still feels sturdy and well-made. Highly recommend it!

Cat5e Riser Bare Copper 1000ft 24AWG 350MHz ETL Listed UTP Cable Blue

Cat5e Riser Bare Copper 1000ft 24AWG 350MHz ETL Listed UTP Cable

$119.41$165.52 (-28%)

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