White Blank Keystone Insert for Wall Plate Pack of 10 Pcs

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  • Blank Keystone Insertion 
  • Pack of 10 
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 4 × 4 × 6 in
  • Cover Vacant Ports in Wall Plate

White Blank Keystone Insert for Wall Plate:

These white blank keystone inserts for wall plates are of noble quality. They are user-friendly, easy-to-use, and easy-to-install. They come with easy open and close snap cover. And with that, the compact design of these blank inserts for wall plate-white makes it not only easy to install but also great for space-saving. Then, there is the universal shape of these inserts that makes them compatible with keystone jacks from a variety of manufacturers. This blank insert caters to 10 ports, and it is white.

This blank insert for wall plate-white is an accessory that manufactures in compliance with the highest standards of the industry. It is consistent with the accepted standards and minimum base requirements required by relevant telecommunications agencies. As for the packaging, we do not include keystone jacks.

It packs the inserts with its own mounting screws for mounting. Two-sided padded adhesive tape for hard or delicate surfaces and a cable tie to help position the cable. Each insert has a space on it and you can write on your own label. This helps you organize your set-up, and work with neatly managed space.

Why to Choose White Blank Keystone Inserts from New York Cables

New York Cables works for you, the customers. Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority with every cable and the related accessory that is manufactured. We design our cables and related accessories to be user friendly and reasonably priced. This cable accessory is a standard white blank keystone insert for the wall plate. This blank insert for wall plate-white maybe just a by-the-way accessory but their applications when you need to have them at hand. We intend these inserts for applications or spaces where you cannot work our way around with a faceplate for keystone jacks. Likewise, they are for places where putting in holes in your wall is not possible or simply it is not what you are going for. In such applications, our blank inserts are most convenient to be used.

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