Cat6A Plenum Cable

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  1. Cat6a Plenum Bare Copper Wooden Spool 1000ft
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Cat6a Plenum Cable

Looking to buy Cat6a Plenum Cable? Check out our high-quality, long-lasting, affordable Bulk Cat6a Ethernet Cables range. To make sure that you buy the best networking cable on the market, always buy the one that has been tested to meet the industry standards. We stock an entire range of Bulk Cat6a Cables, from shielded to unshielded. These cables are also available in multiple colors to allow impeccable cable management.

Bulk Cat6a Cables

These bulk Cat6a cables are unshielded. They feature 8 UTP solid bare copper conductors which are twisted tightly in pairs. Twisting the conductors tightly ensures that no crosstalk or EMI (electromagnetic interference) degrades the data transmission quality. The cables also feature a spline or pair separator at their core. It keeps the conductor pairs apart which results in even better immunity from far-end and near-end crosstalk. Solid bare copper cables are the augmented variant of category 6. Meaning that they feature better quality materials and enhanced protection against interference. The outermost layer of the Cat6a cable 1000ft, the cable jacket, is also designed to protect the cable core from the elements in both harsh and normal weather conditions.

Solid Copper Conductors

The solid bare copper conductors with 23 AWG diameter are the best on the market. Known for their high ductility and ease of use, these conductors are long-lasting and highly reliable as well. With them, you can be sure to have minimum to almost no latency in your network.

Plenum-Rated Cat6a Cable 1000ft

Moreover, our Cat6a plenum 1000ft cables feature a CMP (communications multipurpose plenum) jacket. It is designed to meet the strictest fire safety standards. In indoor use, the cable with the plenum jacket is meant to be run in horizontal open spaces, also known as plenums. For instance, above dropped ceilings or below-raised floors. In case of a fire hazard, the cable will not catch flame readily and it will not emit toxic smoke either - making the cable super safe for use in air-handling spaces and HVAC ducts too.

Buy Cat6a Plenum 1000ft

All of our bulk cat6a cables including the cat6a plenum 1000ft are designed and manufactured as per the industry standards. That is why they achieve a maximum data transfer speed of up to 10 GBit/s over 100 meters. Our 1000ft augmented category 6 cables also offer a voluminous bandwidth capacity of 750 MHz. Moreover, the cables meet and exceed all industry standards, including but not limited to FCC, CE, CSA, ISO/IES, and RoHS. Additionally, the wide variety of these cables allows you greater flexibility in establishing a network that is easy to maintain and long-lasting. In addition to 10-gigabit ethernet, these cables can also be used for other high-speed ethernet applications. Such as 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet, 1000BASE-T (IEEE802.3), PoE, PoE+/++, (Power over Ethernet), and indoor voice, data, video, and security networking applications in general.

Why NewYork Cables?

Place your order now with NewYork Cables. We promise to go above and beyond in delivering top-notch bulk Cat6a plenum cables. Whether it is a small project or a large one, we fulfill orders of all kinds. Moreover, we also offer free shipping and a 10-year warranty (Terms and Conditions Apply) on our bare copper Cat6a Plenum 1000ft ethernet cables. NewYork Cables is the leading brand of cutting-edge networking cables and accessories. Our products not only meet but exceed industry standards.
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