Ultimate Guide to PVC Cable Types and Specifications

As we talk about the PVC cable and wire, it is one such term which you probably listen to every single day. But some prominent elements fall into the basic makeup of cable assemblies as well as manufactured products. The usual mass of the cables that simply manufacturers, as well as prototype designers, have to deal with is the main reason that we provide neat, efficient as well as effective cable assemblies throughout the world. 

Right through this guide, you will be able to get some information about different types of Cat5e PVC bulk cables and much more. Let’s get into the discussion below!

What is a PVC Cable? 

PVC cable is made from the thermoplastic material which is known as Polyvinyl Chloride. It is also used for cable jackets or wire insulation. You can use such cables for varied purposes due to their excellent properties. This includes chemical, heat as well as water resistance, great robustness, high durable nature, and versatility.

The reason why Cat6 PVC Cable is becoming so popular is due to its sheathing and insulating material. You will find this material to be commonly used in the construction of wiring and cables. Therefore, a variety of PVC cables are available in the market and each one of them is diverse from one another based on customer needs.

Guide on Different Types of PVC Cables

Below we have the list of few common types of PVC cables available in the market:

1. Special PVC Wires and Cables

Special Cat6 PVC Cable has some unique and special properties meant for wire insulation or cable sheathing purposes. PVC which is used in the special cables and PVC wires are having excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics in comparison with the average standard.

Besides, bulk Cat6 PVC cables have great flexible nature and high strength which is capable enough to deal with complex cabling needs. The temperature of this PVC wire will range from: 

  • Fixed Laying is -40ºC bis +70º C
  • Flexible Application is +5ºC bis +70 °C

2. Cold Resistant PVC

Next on our list, we have a cold-resistant bulk Cat6 PVC which is another common type of PVC cable. This wiring is also known for the extreme cold resistance even if they are at sub-zero temperatures. Such sort of cold-resistant PVC cables often exhibits some excellent mechanical strength or great flexibility.

Besides it even displays an excellent performance when it is exposed to different weather conditions. The temperature of this PVC wire will range from:

  • Fixed Laying is -40ºC bis +70º C
  • Flexible Application is -20ºC bis +70 °C

3. Heat Resistant PVC

Next, we have heat-resistant PVC which can exist at extreme temperatures of up to +105°C. This Cat5e PVC cable type is having insulation or great sheath materials which are best to be used for different mechanical and electrical purposes. Hence, this wiring type works best to meet a higher temperature level. 

Another fact about this Cat5e PVC cable is that not all wiring cables of this category are capable enough to bear the maximum temperature. By exposing it beyond the maximum temperature, the usable lifespan of the wiring will be reduced. The temperature of this PVC wire will range from:

  • Fixed Laying is -40ºC bis +90º C
  • Flexible Application is +5 ºC bis +90 °C
  • Short time use is – bis+150 °C

4. Oil Resistant PVC

One such type of PVC cable is oil-resistant PVC. All the mixtures which are used in the wiring manufacturing are completely oil-resistant. You will find this mixture to be used as the sheath material in the cables. But you can also use it in the wires as the insulation. 

The temperature of this PVC wire will range from:

  • Fixed Laying: – 40ºC bis +70º C
  • Flexible Application: +5 ºC bis +70 °C

One main feature of the PVC cables is that they are high in versatility in nature. This is just the versatility that has given the PVC cables the extreme flexibility to be modified according to the requirements. You will also find it to be easy to modify and recyclable too. It’s easy to modify nature even makes it remarkable to be used in plastics or lubricants. The increased level of versatile nature has often increased the usage of PVC cables in complex industries.

Another best thing about this PVC cable is that it has extreme durability which makes it robust and sturdy in comparison with other cable types. This durable nature has often increased the usage of cables in various industries. You will find it massive high in the overall longevity. This durable nature is also available with great use of resistance. In short, these cables are abrasion, resistant to corrosion, and are rustproof.