Top 5 Benefits Of Using Cat6 Plenum Cable In Your Buildings

While constructing a building, the installation of network cables is an important task. For instance, if you are planning to build a commercial property, you have to keep in account the cost of cat6 plenum cables that you’ll install for networking. Now the question comes to mind why one should go with the Cat6 Plenum 1000ft Cables for networking? The answer to this question is very simple and that is there are so many applications and areas where these cables are required. So, while opting for any ethernet cable, you should consider the plenum cat 6 cables. Here are why these cables can be an excellent purchase.


What Exactly Are Cat6 Plenum Cables?


When we discuss different types of cables such as cat6 plenum 1000ft, we also differentiate these cables on the basis of their jacketing. The plenum is also one jacketing option on the basis of which these cables are classified. Now, the plenum cat 6 cable is also one option. The plenum is not one simple cable jacket that many people think it is. In the United States, there are dedicated plenum spaces where the flow of air is high. Therefore, the temperature at such places also remains higher than in other spaces of the building. So, the network cables that are installed at such places are basically the plenum cables.


Benefits Of Using Cat6 Plenum Cables In Buildings 


Now we came to know what the plenum cables are in actuality and how do they perform. Its time to take a look at their benefits:


1: Offer Extreme Protection Against Fire Hazards


When we talk about any plenum space, be it the one in a commercial building or a residential building, the first thing that comes in our mind is the chance of a fire accident. Yes, it may sound a bit dangerous but it’s a fact, a place where the temperature goes sky high within minutes, you need quality cables which can resist to fire, the plenum cables have the ability to offer great protection against fire, at first these cables don’t catch fire and even if they do, they don’t emit toxic smoke. So, all in all, it’s a safe and convenient cabling option.


2: Excellent Value 


At the start of the building’s construction, the importance of network cables cannot be ignored as we discussed earlier. Now when you go out or shop online for the desired types of network cable, you come up with multiple options. There are cheap PVC cables and also high-quality fiber optic cables. It's you who has to choose the best one. When you will opt for plenum cables, you will come to know the difference. The quality and performance of these cable is somewhat best part about them. So, the point here is that you get that extra value by installing these cables. As they are not as prone to fire as some other cables are. Therefore, they won’t cause any fire hazards. You will come to know that these cables saved you many hundred dollars. This is why these cables are known for the extra value that they offer.


3: Easy installation 


The high-quality plenum cables are cat5 or cat6 are easy to install. Unlike some cheaper cabling options that require extra steps for their installation. With plenum cables of all categories, you have the freedom to install them the way you want. All such cables can be used for almost all kinds of the application be it fast ethernet or gigabit ethernet. This is again one of the main reasons why most contractors and even homeowners prefer to install high-quality cables at their properties. 


4: Fire Retardant coating 


It's not just the material of the cat6 plenum cables that makes them that less prone to fire. It’s the extra layer of fire protective coating that makes it an excellent choice for plenum spaces. All plenum cables come with this fire-retardant coating. So, this is one another reason why you should consider these cables over all other cabling options. 


5: Overall better Cabling option


In short, with all the combined safety features and enhanced performance that this cable offers, there is no need to spend even a penny extra on any other type of network cable. The way it can sustain a fire and its enhanced fire-retardant coating makes it an excellent option. 




So, we say what plenum cables are in actuality and how do they perform so well against other cable options. Out of all the cables, the cat6 plenum cables are the safest and reliable cable that you can use for almost all kinds of network needs. So, if you are searching for the best cable for your home or building's network system, simply go for the plenum cables.