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Plenum Cables: Types, Uses,…


A plenum cable is also known as Ethernet networking cable is used in the plenum spaces of a building. Before we go further let me tell you about the plenum spaces. Usually, plenum spaces are those spaces that lie between the floors of any building. As these spaces are used for the ventilation that is why there is always continues air circulation between these spaces. Continues presence of oxygen makes these places highly sensitive to fire incidents. For these particular places, our plenum cables are the perfect choice.  Plenum cables are manufactured with cutting-edge technology. Special fire-retardant material is used in the coating of these cables which increases their resistant against fire, hence making them a perfect fit for plenum places. Plenum cables has a Teflon jacket that does not burn off with dangerous smoke and flames. 

Different Types of Plenum Cables:

There are numerous types available of these cables, because “Plenum Cable” is a generic term and it means cables which have Teflon jacket and coated with fire-retardant material. There are different sorts of cables available in the market like Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a. Generally, these cables are sold in the bulk of 1000ft. 

Cat6 Plenum Cable:

Category 6 planum cable or Cat6 Plenum cable is communication multipurpose cable. Its jacket restricts it from fire hazards. As safety is a serious concern, cat6 plenum is observing UL 190 safety fire standards. This cable is designed in such a way that it restricts flames advancement to no more than five feet. Unlike plastic, cat6 plenum does not burn with fumes and smoke. 

What are the uses of Cat6 Plenum Cables?

Cat6 plenum provides better speed so it can be used for many networks like Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet. To use this cable in your network, the first thing you need to determine is whether your building has plenum spaces or not. Most of the building has plenum spaces but you can take to services of an expert in this matter. Cat6 plenum is also used in computer rooms and big IT centers because these places have cooling systems and raised floor which is suitable for cat6 plenum. 

What are the Advantages of Cat6 Plenum?

These cables are used in high-speed computer networks. It is also compatible with previous categories. Here are some of its advantages:

High-speed & Performance:

Cat6 plenum is known to handle high speed up to 250 MHZ. Due to fast performance, cat6 can handle fast ethernet networks like Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet. The whole idea to develop the cat6 was to compliment fast networks. 


Cat6 has a similar plug and port as of cat5 and cat5e. That is why it can be plugged into any port or connection. Its backward compatibility makes is more user-friendly. 


Cat6 is gaining popularity in the networking industry. If you want to upgrade your network, this cable will work fine with your upgraded network just fine. Many small businesses are considering cat6 plenum for their networks. 

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