How to choose Cat6 Plenum Cable

Thanks to its durability and above-par performance, the Cat6 Plenum cable remains one of the most in-demand ethernet cords in the market. As there are a myriad number of manufacturers out there in the market, it becomes of great importance that you should have some basic knowledge about the types of cables so that when you go out there to buy Cat6 Plenum 1000ft, you make an informed decision. 

Our experts here at New York Cables have come up with 4 basic points that you should keep in mind when you opt to buy Bulk Cat6 Plenum Cable


Basics Knowledge of Cat6 Plenum Cable

The term “Plenum” in the Cat6 Plenum Cable itself is self-explanatory. The cable has been designed to make it a perfect choice for plenum spaces; areas with airflow. Though TIA/EIA standards for Bulk Cat6 Plenum Cable are bandwidth capacity of 250MHz and data transfer speed of 1Gbps, there are several variants out there on the market that comes with the bandwidth capacity of 750MHz and data transfer speed of 10Gbps (comes with distance/length restrictions. 

Another dominant feature of the Cat6 Plenum 1000ft is its top-notch jacket material. As these cables are installed in plenum spaces, the Cat6 Plenum 1000ft should have the best and supreme quality flame-retardant jacket material. The jackets of Cat6 plenum cables are composed of insulation with FEP and flame-retardant Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) giving them capacities to perform better at higher temperatures. This material emits far less smoke and halts fire progression. 


The Environment Connection

When you opt to buy cable from the Cat6 family, you encounter 2 types of environment: areas with no EMI (electromagnetic interference) and areas with EMI. 

For areas with no EMI, a UTP (unshielded twisted pair) plenum cat6 cable will serve the business. A UTP cable is one that comes with an overall protection layer but the inner 4 twisted pairs have no extra layer of protection. 

For areas with a significant amount of EMI, you should opt for STP cables; the cables that have an extra layer of protection on their 4 twisted pairs. This is because EMI interruption results in weak signal transmissions. To provide protection against these uninvited interruptions, STP cables have foil wrapped around each twisted pair inside the cable. Places usually with higher levels of EMI include hospitals, labs, offices, factories, among several others. 


Types of Cat6 Plenum Cable

The Cat6 Plenum Cable --both shielded and unshielded--runs between 22AWG and 26AWG. At New York Cables, our 23AWG and 26AWG cables come up in an easy-to-pull box. 


Cat6 Plenum Cables: Certifications

The certification thing is the most important part when it comes to buying a Cat6 Plenum Cable. 

These cables come with two certifications. One is for pure copper cables whereas the other one is for copper-clad aluminum (CCA) cables. 

The major problem with CCA cables is that they have a relatively higher attenuation, resulting in greater data loss as packets are retransmitted every now and then. One of the basic things that you should know is that your network performs slower when more than usual data is retransmitted. Add to this the length factor, and your misery increases threefold. 

When it comes to DC resistance, copper-clad aluminum possesses a 55% higher rate than pure copper cables. This 55% higher DC resistance makes them unstable for PoE (Power over Ethernet). 

Moving to the installation phase, CCA cables, here too, create one hell of problems. CCA cables have lower tensile strength making them prone to damage and breakage when being pulled. In nutshell, CCA cables are way more fragile than pure copper cables. 

At all plenum spaces, our recommendation is that you always use the pure copper cable as they are more fire retardant and offer greater resistance against fire progression. 



When buying Cat6 plenum cable, you should always choose pure copper cables accompanied by all sorts of right certifications. Plenum cables remain one of the key components of networking. 

Here at New York Cables, our Cat6 Pure Copper Plenum cable remains one of the best selling products with thousands of reviews of happy customers available on TrustPilot, our own website, and Google’s review section.