Ethernet Cables - Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ethernet cables?

Ethernet Cables bulk serve 2 purposes: transfer data from one device to another and connect your devices to LAN [local area network] for internet access and file sharing. High-Quality Ethernet Cables use conductors to perform the aforementioned functions; these conductors either come in pure copper or in copper-clad aluminum. For optimum performance, you should always stick to pure copper cables. Ethernet cables come in different generations such as Cat5 [fifth generation ethernet cable], Cat5e [enhanced 5th generation ethernet cable] Cat6 [sixth generation ethernet cable], Cat6a [augmented 6th generation ethernet cable], Cat7 [seventh generation ethernet cable], and Cat8 [eighth generation ethernet cable]. Also, ethernet cables come in 3 variants: plenum, riser, and PVC. Plenum ethernet cables find their usage in high-risk plenum spaces of the buildings, Riser Ethernet cables find their usage in high-risk riser spaces of the buildings, and PVC cables find their usage in outdoor spaces.

How to identify types of ethernet cables?

You can identify types of ethernet cables from markings on the jackets. For instance, a plenum ethernet cable will have “CMP” printed on it. Likewise, a riser-rated ethernet cable will have a CMR marking on the outer jacket and a PVC jacket will have PVC marking. To get the best value for your hard-earned money, always use the right cable for the right space. For instance, installing a PVC-rated cable in plenum spaces may save you an extra buck but it will increase the risk of burning your building to ashes. Another difference is that of conductors. High-Quality Ethernet Cables come in pure copper conductors and CCA conductors. Usually, the outer jackets of ethernet cables have markings such as “pure copper” and CCA that help you in distinguishing between the conductors’ types.

What lengths do ethernet cables come in?

When it comes to ethernet cables bulk, they usually come in lengths of 1000ft. On the other hand, the length of patch cables usually ranges from 10 inches to 25 meters.

How to label ethernet cables in any network?

Before answering this question, you should know that labeling your high-quality ethernet cables come in handy during troubleshooting. So, you should always label ethernet cables in your network. Now let’s answer the basic question. You should always put a label on both sides of your ethernet cables bulk, while not forgetting to mention where the other side of the cable goes. Labeling on just one side is not a good practice as it increases the troubleshooting time.

Where to buy bulk ethernet cables?

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