High-Speed Data Transmission on Custom Ethernet Cables

We are living in an interconnected world. Few industries in the modern world can work without computers. No matter if you are running a centralized system or a network within your company for file sharing and communication, your setup needs necessary connections so that your network could work. Companies rely on customize ethernet cables to develop these connections. Without these cables, the world of networking would have been very different.


Development of Cat Cables


Ethernet is very old technology. Firstly, it was used in the 1970s. As computers became common, the demand to Customize Ethernet cables also increased. 10Mbps speed surfaced in 1985. This speed kept increasing gradually with time. In 2006, the 10Gbps speed was possible with the help of unshielded twisted pairs cable (UTC). Later these cables were placed into different categories based on their twists.


Cat1 was mostly used as a telephone cable. There were also Cat2, Cat3, and Cat4. As the data rates grew, the need for faster and more efficient cables was required. Cat3 could handle 10Mbps and Cat4 could push 16Mbps data transfer rate.


Cat5 & Cat6 were the Dawn of a New Era


Data centers were growing rapidly by 2010, which created the need to develop a more efficient cat cable. The early cat5 cable had four pairs of eight copper wire. These pairs were tightly twisted to avoid the signal overlap and to keep the integrity of data packets.


Each of these cables had a jack at the end of the cable, similar to the telephone jack. This jack is known as an RJ45 connector. This connector has eight pins for the eight wires of the cable. There are two types of connectors based on its wiring structure; T-568A and T-568B.


Cat5e and Ca6 cables were other milestones in ethernet cables. These cables were created to cope with the crosstalk problem. Their internal structure was the same but they offered more speed and less crosstalk.


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