A Step-By-Step Guide to Setting up Your Network

If you are to use several computers at home or office, you need to connect them through a network to establish a smooth connection between them. You will need to arrange multiple devices in a way that you can control and operate these devices of communication in a home or an organization. The computers are connected to some network source such as a router or modem through this process of network configuration. This mechanism of communication is controlled by the network owner. The most common and efficient way to set up such a network is through Ethernet cabling. Cat5e Ethernet cable is the basic cable used today for setting up a comparatively small network with transfer rate of up to 100 Mb per second. The step-by-step guide will provide you everything you need to know to establish a network of your own.


Steps To Follow In Setting Up A Secure And Speedy Network 


  1. Choosing the network route and set up an administrator account 


The first step towards installing the hardware devices in a better way is choosing the path for the data packet to travel. This can include connecting your computer system to an internet source, a printer, or each computer to one another. Then you need to set up an administrator account that will prevent the use of data or information by unauthorized individuals or organizations. Also, develop an account of everyone who gets access and there should be a mechanism for transferring files and folders.


  1. Connecting The Devices Through Hardware Or Wireless 


The next step is to decide the medium of networking. It includes connecting the computer system to an internet source through hardware such as Ethernet cable or wireless device. Today, the wireless connection is used for setting up small offices or home networks. This medium is being used today in plenty but it has some demerits such as low speed as compared to Ethernet cabling and interferences. Thus, if you need high speed and secure internet connection for a comparatively larger network of devices, you will need to establish the network through hardware material with Ethernet cabling being the best choice. Cat6a Ethernet Cable can provide you with an internet speed of 10,000 Mb per second.


  1. Connecting The Internet Via Ethernet Ports 


Though internet access through wireless devices is mostly being used for home and office networking, there may be problems with this connection due to weak or no signals. Thus, Ethernet cable becomes the best option in such cases that provide a speedy connection. For instance, Cat6 Ethernet cable can provide a transfer speed of up to 1000 Mb per second. The evolution of these cables is bringing better and faster communication in more secure ways. The internet connection can be made by locating the Ethernet port on a computer or laptop and connecting one end of the Ethernet cable to it. The other end of the Ethernet cable is connected to the ports on the network router or hub. The enhanced version of Ethernet cable that is Cat6a Ethernet cable can connect a plethora of Internet of Things (IoT).


  1. Types Of Ethernet Cables You Can Use To Develop Your Network


There are several categories of Ethernet cables used for connecting a system of computers. The most common types being used today are Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a. Cat5e Ethernet cable is the most basic cable used for this purpose. The difference between these cables is due to some factors. These include frequency, wire gauge, transfer rate etcetera. Cat6 Ethernet cable is the most commonly used cable that can provide a speedy internet connection at a 550 MHz frequency with 23 AWG wire gauge. The most advanced and enhanced version of Ethernet cables is the Cat6a Ethernet cable.


Why Networking Through Ethernet Cabling Is A Preferred Option?


The reason for Ethernet cable is the better of all wired mediums of communications is that it can provide a faster and secure internet connection at affordable rates. Also, the Bulk Ethernet Cable is easy to install as it usually comes with an easy pull box. Cat6a Ethernet cable is a high-quality cable as compared to the other two types of Ethernet cabling. This has been introduced to overcome the shortcomings of Cat5e and Cat6 Ethernet cable in making distanced connections. The more enhanced versions of these Ethernet cables are on the cards. Thus, networking through Ethernet cabling is the most preferable wired network.