5 Things to Know About Bulk Cat6 Plenum Copper Cable Before Buying

Are you planning to buy the Bulk Cat6 Copper Cable? If so, you need to know a few important things to make a wise decision. The Plenum-rated Cat6 bare copper cable is used in both residential and commercial LAN networks. It has a data transfer speed of up to 1 GBit/s with a bandwidth capacity of 550 MHz.

However, it can transmit data at up to 10 GBit/s over 50 meters.

But these are the basic features of the cable that almost every ethernet cable user knows. Want to know the most important things about it before buying? Read this blog.

Let’s dive right into it.

What is Cat6 Plenum Copper Cable?

Cat6 plenum Cable is the 6th category of ethernet cable. It features 23 AWG twisted pair conductors made out of pure copper. Cat6 cable triumphs its preceding category 5 and enhanced category 5 in both speed and bandwidth as well as reliability.

At its core, this cable has 8 conductors in total which are twisted in 4 pairs. The twists in the cable conductor are pivotal in minimizing electromagnetic interference and crosstalk. The tighter the twists, the less interference the cable will suffer.

    1. Extreme performance

The Cat6 bare copper cable is revered for its extreme performance. With its fire-retardant coated plenum jacket and bare copper conductor, this cable is built for high-performance.

    1. Durable and Everlasting

Cat6 cable lasts very long. Typically, it will last for a minimum of 10 years before it even starts wearing out. Since the cable conductor is made out of pure copper, it is resistant to extreme temperatures and humidity. Meaning, that it will neither corrode nor show vulnerability to extreme environments.

Although it is designed originally for indoor setups, it can, however, be used outdoors as well. This plenum-rated cable makes for a great outdoor LAN cable solution.

    1. Safety Protocol and Precautions

The Bulk Cat6 Copper cable has a thick communications multipurpose plenum (CMP) jacket which is made out of LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogens) materials. CMP jackets are designed to meet the highest fire safety standards and are used in indoor open spaces where air flows freely such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ducts), above dropped ceilings, and below raised floors.

    1. Cost

Cat6 plenum pure copper will cost you more than any other category 6 ethernet cable, particularly if you are buying a solid copper cable. However, in the long run, this is a highly cost-effective solution. You will not only be saving on maintenance and replacement costs but you will also enjoy the extreme performance of the cable.

    1. Who needs it?

A bare copper cable is needed when you want to establish a LAN network for a commercial or a residential building. In both cases, if you need bandwidth and data transfer rates of up to 550 MHz and 1 GBit/s respectively, you will have to use the Cat6 bare copper cable.

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How to Buy the Bulk Cat6 Copper Cable?

Now, how do you know your ethernet speed and bandwidth requirements? The rule of the thumb is that if you use applications such as audio/video streaming, IP security cameras, online gaming, or bulk file sharing, you definitely need this cable.

However, not everyone has a gigabit broadband connection to take full advantage of this gigabit speed. So people would choose a Cat5e cable. It is true that you can make do with a Cat5e cable, but due to attenuation (ping) and electromagnetic interference, you will not be able to enjoy the entire bandwidth your ISP is providing you with.

Here comes the Cat6 plenum pure copper cable. With its minimum interference and attenuation, it allows you to utilize all the bandwidth you are paying for. So in that sense, this is the cable to go for everyone who is using ethernet applications.

How to install the Cat6 Plenum Cable?

Installing the bulk Cat6 copper cable is easy and simple. Although it is beyond the scope o this blog, we will nonetheless give you an idea of how to do it.

    1. Measure the lengths you require and sketch a design of your LAN network.
    2. Cut the cable with wire cutters to the required lengths and run the cable.
    3. Once the cable is run through all the ducts and other spaces, bundle the wires
      but not too tightly as it would increase noise and interference. Use velcro ties to bundle the cables with an appropriate strength.
    4. Now, terminate RJ45 Keystone Jacks at the end of each cable and run them through wall plates or faceplates. The cat6 plenum cable is terminated according to the EIA/TIA 568 A and B wiring scheme - which is most of the time provided on the jack.
    5. You are good to connect your devices with the LAN network.

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