5 Reasons to Use Cat6a Cable: Useful Tips

Many ethernet cables are ideal for all sorts of high-performance networking applications. But Cat6a ethernet cable stands out as the most popular and preferred cable. What is it about this augmented 6th category (Cat6A) cable that is used in all sorts of commercial and household applications? Is it its speed? Or is it the affordable prices? The bare copper conductor and compatibility features, perhaps? There are many reasons why it is the best ethernet cable out there. In this article, we will look at 5 reasons why you should also use Cat6A cable.

Best Ethernet Cable for Commercial use

Cat6a ethernet cable is specifically designed for commercial applications. Although it is used in household applications as well, this cable finds its primary application in commercial use such as schools, hospitals, offices, factories, etc. The reason why bulk Cat6a cables are used in commercial applications is because of the bandwidth capacity and data transfer speed. Needless to say, industrial applications demand high bandwidth and data transfer rates because the networks use too many devices and applications, and this cable is perfectly capable of handling such massive requirements. The data transfer rate of this Plenum-rated Cat6a cable is up to 10 Gigabits per second and the bandwidth capacity is 750 MHz. This speed and bandwidth capacity is perfectly capable of supporting all high-performance ethernet applications in any commercial network. So, the question is, why should one not consider using it?

Best Cable for high-performance ethernet applications

Bulk Cat6a cables can support all high-performance ethernet applications. This makes them ideal for use in commercial networks as well as home networks. The cables comply with all market standards such as EIA/TIA 568-C.2, ISO/IEC-11801. Also in compliance with RoHS, they are not just high performance but also eco-friendly. The range of high-performance applications that these cables can support is huge. For example, the following Cat6a ethernet applications are supported seamlessly by bulk Cat6A cables:  10 G Ethernet, 100BASETX, 100BASEVG ANY LAN, 155ATM, 622ATM, NTSC/PAL Component or Composite Video, AES/EBU Digital Audio, and AES 51, RS-422.

Bare Copper Conductor

Cat6A cables come only with bare copper conductors to make sure their quality is not compromised. The benefits of using cables with bare copper conductors are many. For example, they are highly resistant to corrosion which means they can last long periods without wearing out and while performing at their optimum capacity. Another benefit of pure copper conductors is their pliable, ductile, and flexible nature. These characteristics make them ideal for application as cable conductors. They are easy to twist and turn without breaking them. Yet another benefit of BC conductors is that they do not heat up as much as other conductors which translates into efficiency. Also, when the conductors do not heat up, the risk of fire hazards is reduced or eliminated in most ideal conditions.

Minimum EMI and Crosstalk

Cat6a cables are manufactured using the best materials. The cable jackets are made out of only Riser-rated and Plenum-rated materials. The conductors are made out of 23 AWG pure copper wires which are shielded to keep electromagnetic interference and crosstalk at a minimum. The high-quality material used in manufacturing these cables translates into high performance. In other words, minimum EMI and Crosstalk.


Cat6a cables are extremely cost-effective for the value you get. They provide ultimate fast and reliable connections which means the smooth running of business operations. And they are future-proof network cables. Once installed, they need no replacement for years and years to come. They typically last up to 10 years.  And during that time, it is less likely that any application will not be supported on these cables. This means you will be saving ultimately in the long run.


Cat6A Ethernet Cables are your best option for commercial and home applications. The benefits of these cables are many but the main ones are summed up in this article. Reduced EMI and crosstalk, affordability, top quality materials, and compatibility are the main benefits of using cat6a cables bulk.