Blue Cat6a Plenum Solid Copper 750MHz UTP 1000ft 23AWG Cable

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Additional information

Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 15 × 15 in



100% Pure Copper Solid Conductor



Installation Temp:

-10℃ to 60℃


1000 FT


4 Twisted Pairs


Wood Spool


IEEE 802.3af / IEEE 802.3at (PoE+)



Wire Gauge:


Why Blue Cat6a Plenum 1000ft Cable?

Our Cat6a cable has been tested with a Fluke DTX-1800 Versiv Cable Analyzer and is in compliance with ANSI/TIA standards. The frequency of this cable is 750MHz and you can use it for high-speed data communication applications. With a plenum-rated jacket and fire-retardant material coating, this cable is suitable for plenum spaces. This cable is good for 10 Gigabit Ethernet at 100 meters.

We wrap blue cat6a Plenum 1000ft around a Wooden Spool. We make this cable of 23 AWG wire with four unshielded twisted pairs and eight conductors. If there is any question, our customer support team is always here to assist you. There is also an easy return policy if something is wrong with the cable.

Cat6a is an augmented category 6 cable. Bulk 1000ft Cat6a Plenum Cable UTP Rated Solid Copper 750MHz we highly recommend 23 AWG Blue for the applications like 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and Gigabit Ethernet. This cable is also great for Power over Ethernet. Cat6a plenum has a plenum-rated jacket. This jacket makes it suitable for plenum spaces.

Fireproof material coating

These are the spaces that have air circulation most of the time. Plenum spaces provide a pathway for either heating or air conditioning for the building. A drop ceiling is an example of a plenum space. When you use the plenum-rated cable in those places it withstands extreme fire because of the fireproof material coating. If a fire accident happens, the cat6a plenum will burn slowly. We make the internal structure of this cable of 23 AWG wire with twisted structure.

There are four unshielded twisted pairs and eight solid conductors in total. These pairs are tightly twisted to fight off crosstalk and interferences. The crosstalk happens when singles from two passing by cables get mixed. This can tamper with data integrity compromising important data files. The thick jacket and these twisted pairs provide extra security against all sorts of cross-talks like Alien Crosstalk and Near-End Crosstalk.

The enhanced protection also ensures the data integrity of the network. Not only does this cable have a 750 MHz frequency but also it can support Gigabit Ethernet up to 100 meters. Bulk 1000ft Cat6a Plenum Cable UTP Rated Solid Copper 750 MHz 23 AWG Blue can be used for long distances as well. This is a thick cable and that is why it comes wrapped around a wooden Spool. The Spool keeps the cable straight and safe. This cable is a bit pricey because of its boosted features and extra security.

Get cat6a cable at New York Cables

NewYork Cables have a wide range of Ethernet Cables and their accessories. We offer a 15-day easy return policy. Our customer support team is here for your assistant. We also offer affordable prices with premium-quality products. Order now and enjoy our amazingly discounted pricing with free shipping all across the USA.

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19 Reviews For This Product

  1. 19

    by Faheda Daniel Verified Buyer

    I was so excited to try out the Blue Cat6a Plenum Copper cable! The construction is top-notch and the cable feels very durable. I have not had any issues with it so far. The color is beautiful and the price is amazing! I would definitely recommend this cable to anyone looking for a high-quality product at an affordable price.

  2. 19

    by LeonardRag Verified Buyer

    Very good quality. order received in just 1 day. Will buy again for sure.

  3. 19

    by TerryOvast Verified Buyer

    Good quality product, I’ve bought 4 times and I’m very satisfied. Good Job

  4. 19

    by Colen Verified Buyer

    I’m writing a review first time because I like their cat6a plenum quality and quick response.
    Thank You.

  5. 19

    by NathanSoova Verified Buyer

    Good quality

  6. 19

    by topten.aiz Verified Buyer

    Amazing quality of cable at a very good price. I’m your permanent customer from now on.

  7. 19

    by gom Verified Buyer

    Nice website and good service you are providing. I’ll recommend your products to my friends.
    Good Job.

  8. 19

    by vardenafil Verified Buyer

    Great quality cat 6a, I like it. I’ll definitely buy it again.

  9. 19

    by TriaKleineT Verified Buyer

    I got my order delayed by one day but the quality is good, I hope you guys will take care of it next time.

  10. 19

    by AlbertHox Verified Buyer

    Good service.

  11. 19

    by Hiroko hob Verified Buyer

    This is my first time, I place an order here and they treat me well and give good customer support. I like their way to support customers.

  12. 19

    by ArthurBus Verified Buyer

    Good job guys. I like your product quality.

  13. 19

    by StephenLaf Verified Buyer

    fine customer support.

  14. 19

    by CharlesRuibe Verified Buyer

    I faced a delivery problem but I got my order with 0 damage.

  15. 19

    by LouisLulty Verified Buyer

    I purchased the Cat6A 1st time from NewYorkCables. The quality & service is way too good. I can trust this product blindly from now on & would highly recommend this Cable.
    Appreciate you.

  16. 19

    by Ashly Verified Buyer

  17. 19

    by Camey Verified Buyer

    I was unfamiliar with the brand and concerned I’d get a low-quality wire. Was happy to find it to be of good quality and meeting my CAT6a expectations. Cable is generally easy to work with for a quality cable as it’s hard to get something “solidly” built that is “easy” to work with. I’d recommend and would by again.

  18. 19

    by Jan Verified Buyer

    My first experience to make purchase here. they doing a well job.

  19. 19

    by Axel parker Verified Buyer

    Good quality product and also I appreciate your free delivery.

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Cat6a Plenum 100% Copper UTP 1000ft

Blue Cat6a Plenum Solid Copper 750MHz UTP 1000ft 23AWG Cable

$268.21$319.99 (-16%)

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