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Bulk Cat5e PVC 1000ft Cables

Our cables with Polyvinyl Chloride PVC insulation are a major hit with low-budget cabling solutions. This sort of cable gives you a blend of flexibility and protection. A cable with PVC must not install in plenum spaces.

A plenum space is very sensitive to fire high oxygen levels in them. Air circulates through such spaces thus, the high oxygen levels. This high oxygen means that such spaces are prone to catch fire, and in an unfortunate event of a fire, it will be a rapid flame progression. For this purpose, you must only install plenum-rated cables in such spaces.

Quality PVC Cable

A PVC cable must not install in such spaces such a cable does not have strict fire ratings. We recommend our PVC cables for high-performance non-plenum applications. They are versatile and high in tensile strength, therefore; they are perfect for running fixed installations inflexible installations. These cables are suitable for low or high temperatures or in applications involving exposure to UV rays, chemical corrosion, electrolytic corrosion.

This cable is a cat5e riser enhanced cable that tests for all the Cat5e specifications. The cable features high data transfer rates, high-capacity speeds, exceptional attenuation, reduced cross talk, and much more available at the most market- competitive price. We have manufactured our Cat5e PVC cable, keeping in view the market standards. It complies with such standards, and sometimes it even exceeds them.

This is a TIA/EIA verified, and RoHs cable that observes standards like IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.5, ANSI/EIA/TIA 568, ISO/IEC 11801, and other prevalent industry standards. It even exceeds certain standards, like the one relevant to the capacity. The base standard laid down by TIA/EIA as to the bandwidth of Cat5e is to support 100 MHz. Our Cat5e PVC cable is the rate to support capacities up to 350 MHz and data transfer rates of 10/100/1000Mbps.

Features Cat5e PVC

We make the cable of 24 American Gauge Wire Conductors. There is a twisted pair design involved in this cable. It features four unshielded twisted pairs and eight conductors. The twisted pair design promotes cross-talk resistant abilities in the cable.

Our Cat5e PVC cable is very efficient in cutting down cross-talks and other electromagnetic interferences. We maintain the twists to be precise and consistent. This, coupled with the strong and thick sheathing, allows more resistivity against different cross-talks.

Thus, it provides more protection against certain advanced forms of cross-talks, and because of that, you can enjoy quality transmissions with reliable connections.

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