Ethernet vs Wi-Fi: Which Connection is Better for You?

Ethernet vs Wi-Fi: Which Connection is Better for You?

The most common question we receive is this: what is the difference between ethernet and Wi-Fi?

The confusion is quite reasonable. There is a lot of information out there which does not differentiate between these two technologies. 

More importantly, though, the information out there does not underscore the difference between ethernet network connections and wireless WiFi. 

The basic difference between ethernet and Wi-Fi is that in an ethernet connection, specific cables are required to connect the device to the local network. Wi-Fi, on the other hand, transmits signals wirelessly via radio waves. 

The different nature of WiFi and ethernet causes differences in the technologies. For instance, an ethernet connection is faster than a Wi-Fi connection. Similarly, internet or data connections over ethernet cables are more secure as compared to wireless connections. 

There’s more to this. And in this blog, we’ll discuss all the differences, including the pros and cons of each of the above mentioned technologies. Be sure to read till the end.

Definition of Wi-Fi

Let’s start with the basics.

Wi-Fi came into play in 1999. It is a wireless technology that allows you to connect your devices to the internet without any cable or physical connection.

Wi-Fi has grown exponentially over the past few years. The major benefit that comes with it is its flexibility.

Almost no cables are required and you can get the signals anywhere near the router or modem. This results in higher mobility. Which is a huge advantage WiFi connections have to offer.


Ethernet is rather an old technology as compared to Wi-Fi. It was introduced in 1973. 

Ethernet is a way of connecting devices to a local network via ethernet cables. These cables come in different categories such as Cat5e (Enhanced Category 5), Cat6 (Category 6), Cat6a (Augmented Category 6), etc. 

At their core, ethernet cables have 4 twisted pairs of conductors that are 8 in total. Wondering why the conductors are twisted into pairs? Well, that makes the cables more resilient to interference and ensures minimal EMI. 

 Ethernet offers a lot more speed as compared to Wi-Fi. Not to mention the higher privacy that comes with it. 

Major Differences between Wi-Fi and Ethernet

While numerous elements determine the speed of the Wi-Fi and ethernet connection, Ethernet always has a slight edge over Wi-Fi when it comes to speed. 

The maximum theoretical speed ethernet has to offer is 10Gbps. On the other hand, Wi-Fi gives a maximum speed of 6.9Gbps. 

Another big difference comes in terms of security. Ethernet is much more secure than Wi-Fi. In the case of ethernet, all the devices form a network and you can send files to the connected computers. 

Wi-Fi is easy to hack as compared to its counterpart. Always prefer ethernet when you are sending important files through the internet. 

Reliability is another factor that creates the difference between ethernet and Wi-Fi. Ethernet gives to more reliable and fast connection than Wi-Fi. Ethernet connections give HD streaming. 

There are several ethernet cables you can use based on your network requirements. Cat6 plenum, Cat6a Plenum, and Cat5e plenum stand out from the rest in terms of speed and reliability. 

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