Projector Ceiling Mount Max 22Lbs – Silver

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    • Projector Ceiling Mount
    • Max Load Capacity 22 lbs
    • 15 Degree Up and Down Tilt
    • 360 Degree Rotation
    • Made from Aluminium
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    Weight 7.46 lbs
    Dimensions 35 × 9 × 2 in

    Projector Ceiling Mount Max 22Lbs – Silver

    Projectors are a useful thing whether you are at work, home or someplace else. They mainly use in organizations and educational institutes from delivering lectures and presentations. You can simply put this output device on a flat surface but there will be a lot of wires lying around there making the place looks messy. The perfect solution would mount the projector to the ceiling. For this purpose, we at Newyork cables are offering projectors ceiling mounts of premium quality and various brackets to go with the mount.

    The maximum weight limit on this specific ceiling mount is 22 pounds or 10kg. We advise you not to exceed the weight limit or attach the bulkier projector to it because it can fell causing physical injuries. We make this mount of aluminum, which strengthens it and light-weight. It comes in the beautiful color of silver. The projector ceiling mount is professionally designed with a tilting feature for your ease. You can tilt the projector 15 degrees up and down depending on your need. Its bracket allows you to rotate it to 360 degrees. Apart from the leg, it can be moved and adjusted from 130mm to 320mm.

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    Projector Ceiling Mount Max 22Lbs - Silver