Cat6 Plenum Solid Copper 1000ft Ethernet UTP Cable – In Yellow


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  • Cat6 CMP Solid Copper 0.57±0.01mm
  • Wire Guage 23AWG
  • Conductor is 4 Twisted Pairs
  • Frequency is 550MHz
  • Jacket & Shielding is CMP Jacket – Unshielded
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Cat6 Plenum Solid Copper 1000 Feet UTP Cable:

This is a category 6 high-performance cable with 100% pure solid copper conductors and a plenum rated outer jacket that is orange in color. This Cat6 plenum solid copper cable is tested for its superior specifications. It conforms to the highest market standards and agency codes. It is EIA/TIA verified, RoHS compliant and UL listed. Therefore, it is ideal for applications like 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet, 1000BASE-T(IEEE802.3), 100VG-AnyLAN (IEEE802.12), 550 MHz Broadband Video Voice, T1, ISDN 155/622 Mbps ATM PoE (Power over Ethernet). This cable, just like our other cabling solutions, is priced very reasonable so that even people on budgets can enjoy its high performance and high transmission quality. It is a cable that is intended to provide you with high data transfer rate, exceptional attenuation, high bandwidth frequencies, high data integrity, low bit error rate, ability to eliminate cross-talk and other electromagnetic interferences and so much more.

Our Cat6 plenum solid copper cable is made of special fire-resistive coatings and layerings. It has a special insulation that is plenum rated which is perfect for installation in plenum spaces. Plenum spaces have high oxygen level in them because of the air circulation in such spaces. As a result, a plenum space can catch fire easily as compared to a regular non-plenum space. Therefore, whenever you are supposed to install cables in a particular space, you must look as to whether that place is a plenum space or not because for plenum space you can not install any other cable. For plenum space, you must only use plenum rated cables like our premium quality Cat6 plenum solid copper cable. Our cable with the best quality plenum jacket is resistant to fire, and it even helps to hinder the flame progression in an event of a fire.

Moving on, this cable is manufactured with twisted pair design that helps in putting down cross-talks and other electromagnetic interferences. Cross talk is an undesired effect that can hinder the quality of your transmissions. It generates a loss in data packets and this affects the integrity of your data.  Cross talk occurs when a signal bleeds from a cable and confuses with another signal from another cable running nearby. Therefore, when you have to install multiple cables near each other, you must consider the ways in which this undesired effect can be put down to an acceptable level. Our Cat6 plenum solid copper cable is specifically intended to cater for this so that your transmissions are protected against various forms of cross-talks like Power Sum Equal Level Far End Cross talk (PS-ELFEXT), Near-End Cross talk (NEXT) and Alien Crosstalk (AXT).

This solid copper cable features 23 American Gauge Wire AWG copper conductors, four UTP (unshielded twisted pairs) and eight solid conductors. It is certified to support high data transfer rates of 10/100/1000 Mbps and high bandwidth capacity of up to 550 MHz. Additionally, this cable also caters for horizontal networking applications over distances up to 100 meters.



Cable Cat6 CMP Solid Copper 0.57±0.01mm
Wire Gauge 23 AWG
Conductor Solid Copper 0.57±0.01mm – 4 Twisted Pairs
Frequency 550 MHz
Jacket & Shielding CMP Jacket – Unshielded
Installation Temp 0°C to 60°C
Standard Compliances ISO/IES ROHS Compliant
Velocity Ratio 65%
Applications 100 Base-T4 – 100 Base-TX – 100VG – Any LAN – 1000 Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet) – 155 Mbps ATM – 622 Mbps AT
Spline Separating 4 pairs
Color Blue, White, Yellow, Green, and Red
Length & Package 1000 Feet 305Meter – EZ Pull Box

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Cat6 Plenum Solid Copper 1000ft Ethernet UTP Cable - In Yellow