Yellow Cat6 1000ft Plenum Cable 550MHz Ethernet UTP 23AWG Cable Pull Box

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Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 17 × 17 in



1000 FT

Cable Jacket:

UTP Plenum


CCA(Copper Clad Aluminum)




4 Twisted Pairs


Easy Pull Box



Wire Gauge:


Yellow Cat6 1000ft Plenum Ethernet UTP Cable:

We are offering this high-quality ethernet cable that is ideal for applications that require high bandwidth capacity and a high data transfer rate. Yellow cat6 1000ft Plenum has a plenum-rated jacket of vibrant yellow color. This jacket comes with a coating of fire-retardant material to make it perfect for plenum spaces. Safety is our primary concern that is why all of our cables have undergone fluke testing. This cable is TIA/EIA verified and complies with RoHS standards. The frequency of this cable is 550MHz which is ideal for Gigabit Ethernet applications. We make yellow cat6 1000ft Plenum of 23 American gauge wire with four unshielded twisted pairs and eight conductors. Its thick sheathing and tightly twisted pairs keep away crosstalk and interferences. This cable comes with a hassle-free easy pull box. Our customer support is always here is to help you in case you need any help regarding networking cables. Order now and get premium-quality cables at a reasonable price with free shipping.

Exterior on this cable

This is a high-quality Ethernet cable that is ideal for applications that require high bandwidth capacity, high data transfer speed, high data integrity, durable connections even at a higher frequency and longer lengths, and much more.Therefore category 6 or cat6 cable and is 1000ft long in measurement. The exterior on this cable is a plenum rated insulation, and the sheathing is yellow. New York Cables suggests you use cat6 cable 1000 ft plenum for high-speed gigabit Ethernet applications like 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet, 1000BASE-T (IEEE802.3 Gigabit Ethernet), and 10 GBASE-T(10 Gigabit Ethernet).

Cat6 yellow plenum rated cable

This cat6 cable 1000 ft plenum yellow contains 8 insulated wires twisted into 4 tightly wound unshielded twisted pairs which are cabled together, whereas the sheath of the cable is a layer of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) compound. The cross-talk between the cables is the unwanted effect that can be as noise, signal distortion, or other such errors in data transmissions. Now, in a setup with multiple wires being adjacent to each, consider this effect because it can undermine the quality of your transmissions. We design our cat6 cable 1000 ft plenum yellow bulk in such a way that it is more resistant to Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) and Alien Crosstalk (AXT). As a result, the data integrity is improved, and there is a cut down in loss of data packets, especially on longer distances.

The electrical properties of our 1000ft cat6 yellow plenum rated cable is notable. We test it to support up to 550MHz frequency, and high data transfers rates up to 1000Mbps. With that, the cable has 23 AWG (American Wire Gauge) in four different colored tightly wounded pairs, eight CCA, with an outer jacket that comprises special insulation which has fire retardant properties too. As for attenuation, our cable provides up to 50db/100m. The outer insulation of this cable of ours is plenum rated. Being plenum-rated means that the cable we can use it in airflow places, i.e. the plenum spaces. These spaces can be any place where the air circulates in a structure. These plenum spaces are prone to catch fire.

The low-smoke insulation

Therefore, the cables that are installed in these plenum spaces should have outer insulations to be plenum rated. As mentioned above, we have tested our cat6 cable 1000 ft plenum for CMP (FT6) plenum-ratings. The cable’s plenum rated insulation also conforms to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 90a standard. When this cable is used in such areas, it acts as a barrier against the spreading of fire. Also, the cable does not burn away with toxic smoke because of the low-smoke insulation used in its manufacturing.

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Yellow Cat6 1000ft Plenum Cable 550MHz Ethernet UTP 23AWG Cable Pull Box

$154.99$169.99 (-9%)

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